More LEGO sets from Avengers: Endgame revealed, including War Machine Buster & Ultimate Quinjet [News]

Hot on the heels of our announcement earlier today of the Iron Man Hall of Armour set, Amazon has revealed four more sets based on the upcoming Avengers: Endgame film. Unsurprisingly, the four additional sets focus on a variety of action sequences as the remaining superheroes battle Thanos and his Outrider minions. Given the film’s hotly anticipated April 26 release (now less than two months away), we’ll go ahead and throw out a potential spoiler warning for the contents.

As is often the case with early reveals like this, we don’t yet have word on the part counts, price, or exact release date, but you can expect that these will be hitting stores fairly soon — likely within the next month — along with a deluge of other merchandise to precede the mega-franchise finale. EDIT: The Avengers Endgame sets are now available from LEGO.

76123 Captain America: Outriders Attack | 167 pieces
US: $19.99 | Canada: 24.99 | UK: £19.99

This set includes Captain America’s massive motorcycle, Cap in a brand-new white Avengers suit, and three of Thanos’ Outriders. The chunky motorcycle incorporates two disk shooters on either side of the handlebars and features working kickstands and removable weaponry.

76124 War Machine Buster | 362 pieces
US: $34.99 | Canada: 49.99 | UK: £29.99

The hulked-out War Machine Buster is the companion suit to the famous red Hulk Buster. The set includes both War Machine and Ant-Man in white Avengers gear, along with two Outriders. The War Machine Buster suit is equipped with a plethora of shooters, and of course it opens up to allow the War Machine minifigure to be placed inside.

76125 Iron Man Hall of Armor | 524 pieces
US: $59.99 | Canada: 79.99 CAD | UK: £54.99

Tony Stark’s laboratory includes a ring display stands that can be arranged in multiple ways, from a full circle to a double-level wall. Included are four minifigure suits for Iron Man, the Mk 1, Mk 5, Mk 41, and Mk 50, along with two Outriders. There’s also a blue Hulk Buster-like Mk 38 suit that’s smaller than the mega-suit appearing in the War Machine Buster set.

76126 Avengers Ultimate Quinjet | 838 pieces
US: $79.99 | Canada: 99.99 CAD | UK: £74.99

We’ve had a lot of LEGO versions of the Avenger’s main method of transport already, but this Quinjet promises to be the ultimate version. It’s larger than any of the previous designs and features orange canopies and a massive tail-mounted gatling stud shooter. There’s also a battle trike, and both the trike and the gatling can stow in the back in the of the Quinjet. Included in the set are Rocket, Hawkeye, Black Widow, and Thor, all sporting the spiffy new white Avengers outfits. Opposing them are two Chitauri.

76131 Avengers Compound Battle | 699 pieces
US: $99.99 | Canada: 139.99 CAD | UK: £89.99

The Avengers Compound appears to be under direct assault in this playset, which features a small portion of the stronghold with a gate, garage, helipad, spring-loaded cannon, conference room, and holding cell. There’s also a helicopter and truck, both equipped with stud shooters. Lining up on the Avengers team are Hulk, Ant-Man as a microfigure, Nebula, Iron Man, and Captain Marvel. They’re facing off against Thanos himself and an Outrider minion.



6 comments on “More LEGO sets from Avengers: Endgame revealed, including War Machine Buster & Ultimate Quinjet [News]

  1. Håkan

    Hmmm, I guess they’d create a unifying team look.

    Narratively, it seems a questionable choice, though, since it would make all the characters a lot harder to differentiate.

  2. Purple Dave

    Sure, and if they’re going to defend Earth with a vigorous synchronized swimming routine, or some roller disco, that might work. But if the whole point is to remind everyone that they all kissed and made up after Civil War, they could have picked a better look than dressing up like a squad of those eye-searing Iron Patriots.

  3. Michael Wolf

    If the suits are visual camouflage because the Outrider’s can’t see the color white I’d be pleased. Especially if they comment that Thanos picked the one species in the multiverse that tracked movement based on how broody and emo the super heroes were.

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