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Goodbye, Sophia

Speedyhead has beautifully captured what was easily the most heart-wrenching scene from season 2 of The Walking Dead. I can still recall the sense of dread, as the camera focuses on the small gap in the barn door, and Sophia emerges from the darkness.

The barn itself is wonderfully detailed and weathered. While the use of so many different grass elements along the edge of the barn conveys a sense of managed chaos as nature starts to reclaim civilization.

There are so many other details worth mentioning in this LEGO creation, besides the barn itself. The use of “stalks” of Technic connectors to form the gnarled tree, the wire fence, and the tractor are also great touches. I also love the use of some fairly old wheel rims for the flatbed cart.

Plowing Tractor

Some LEGO builders have no tolerance for any creation less than perfect. Kosmas Santosa from Indonesia is among those people who keep bricking flawless models. The latest addition to his portfolio is just a simple tractor, but he manages to present it in a very delicate manner. His choice of pastel colors is accompanied by a simple but effective topography and his photographing skills shows off the tractor by keeping the background out of focus. The result is minimalistic perfection.

Plowing Tractor

You may also want to check his secondary Flickr account for more pictures. Enjoy it!

“She Thinks My Tractor’s Sexy”

Chris Maddison brings you a slice of Iowa farm life for your Saturday viewing pleasure replete with tractor, microscale barn, trees and a very clever furrowed field. Although the rolling hills in lime and sand-green are very simple in construction, they really add depth and style to this forced perspective scene. The sexy-time tractor is a fine example of the species, complete with rototiller and detailed engine. Chris has only been back from his dark-age for about a year now but he sure is making up for lost time.

She Thinks My Tractor's Sexy

CLAAS Jaguar 900-Series Harvester

Like many of us, Peter Blackert (lego911) spends too much time in gridlock where the mind eventually wanders to our favorite hobby. In Peter’s own words: “One saving grace of terrible traffic, is that it gives me more time to look longingly at the lovely white-and-lime tractors and harvesters at the local CLAAS distribution centre, next to the highway.” The official LEGO set #7636 from 2009 was also an inspiration for the massive harvester. Peter has also thoughtfully included some variants depending on what kind of crop you need harvested.

CLAAS Jaguar 900-Series Harvester

I only wish I could translate an object or location on my daily commute, but the Hustler Club and the Ocean-Spray factory don’t really cut it for me.