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1980s Tape-recording technology

Builder Sven Franic completed a LEGO tape recorder that is a blast from the past. Thanks to Sven’s attention to detail, it looks almost like the real thing. One of the buttons is pressed down, and a cassette tape is visible through the clear window. The power cord is unplugged, revealing the machine’s two-pronged outlet. I especially like how Sven used the Tile, Modified 1 x 1 with Tooth / Ear Vertical (used as floppy ears in Unikitty figures) for the fast-forward and play buttons. They almost look like they were made for this build.

Tape recorder

Inflate your LEGO collection instantly [INSTRUCTIONS]

An air compressor may not be at the top of your wish list at the moment, but a LEGO version may pump up your interest in it. Hoang Dang has kindly provided instructions for his red LEGO air compressor, that will allow you to build you own and blast some fresh air into your LEGO scenes. (Click here for embiggened version)

instruction for the air compressor

Hoang actually used his little air compressor within one of his recent builds depicting a street corner in Saigon. The air compressor was sitting amongst the skeleton of a moped, some tires and a street-light overloaded with overhead cables. The air compressor seems right at home in this pop-up, roadside vehicle repair stop.

Street Corner of Saigon