Godzilla mech Rex through the town

Rex from Toy Story takes clumsy destruction to the next level at the controls of Simon Liu’s MechaGodzilla

Technically, this LEGO Godzilla is in a thousand pieces

Godzilla is an iconic beast who first appeared in Ishirō Honda‘s 1954 film Godzilla and has remained a feature of Japanese pop culture ever since. There have been many builders who have created a LEGO Godzilla, but this version by 62778grenouille really caught my attention. Firstly, it’s huge. And secondly, it has been built in the most Continue reading →

Gorgeous Gargantuan GODZILLA in all its Glory

This gigantic Godzilla is a masterpiece like no other. Builder IGU gloriously captures the essence of this monster and leaves you in awe. The tail construction features a great use of tyres to give it an organic look and feeling of strength. I can’t think of anything scarier that has been constructed in LEGO in recent times. The Stegosaurus-like Continue reading →

LEGO Godzilla has atomic halitosis

Beware! Jeff Cross‘ brick-built Godzilla is coming to stomp all over your hometown. The big beastie himself is well-executed, but it’s the pulse effect created by a simple stack of trans blue 2×2 round pieces which makes this model really stand out. I can hear the sound effects in my head! Now I want to Continue reading →

Collectible Godzilla

Obviousness doesn’t necessarily diminish awesomeness, as Steve’s man in a dragon costume proved. The first thing I thought of when I saw the Lizardman from the Series 5 Collectible Minifigures was, naturally, Godzilla. While the Pacific Northwest takes a break from being first in the world to get them for a change, Bobofrut gets to Continue reading →

Mechagodzilla stands ready to take on the King of the Monsters

This Mechagodzilla by Yasutaka (AIWSMOYA) takes me back to the monster movies and TV shows my brother and I grew up watching early on weekend mornings back in Japan. The sculpting on Mechagodzilla’s head is particularly great, with nice use of cheese slopes and small wing plates. This is also exactly the sort of LEGO Continue reading →

Godzilla week!

It’s Godzilla week! Duane Hess shows that not only Moko can build giant, mutated, army-crushing reptilians: One can, of course, argue that this is not my forte. I have to ask, then, if giant, mutated, army-crushing reptilians isn’t (science) fiction, then what is? ;-) (Note: updates from me will be more regular from now on. Continue reading →

Moko’s Godzilla

It’s big, it’s spiky, and it’s scaly. Moko has been working on a very large model of Godzilla for sometime, and he recently announced that he completed it: Add to Del.icio.us | Digg It | Furl It Technorati tags: LEGO Sci-Fi Godzilla Gojira Monsters Moko Brickshelf

The Demon’s price seems reasonable — he only wants your soul

Careful of the dark. Things lurk in it. Things like Jayfa’s LEGO Bionicle demon

Close your eyes and repeat after me: less is more

Nothing superfluous and everything super: check out alego alego’s beautifully zen microscale build.

The concrete results of artistic abstraction

Crimso Giger has been on a roll creating amazing abstract spaces out of LEGO. These images invite the viewer to travel the realms of the imagination, with only the barest hints of a roadmap.

Whatever they offer you, don’t feed the plants!

Take a trip back in time and space and discover the weird flora of an alien planet in this terrific sci-fi build by Frost!