That rumbling just might be Godzilla: King of Monsters

What’s that rumbling you hear? It could be that three-bean burrito repeating on you or it could be something even more monstrous. LEGO Saturn V co-designer Valerie Roche teams up with her Space-X co-designer Matthew Nolan to build Godzilla: King of Monsters. The end result is 2034 pieces of pagoda-toppling mass-destruction! Godzilla’s features include a posable head, with snapping jaws, articulated arms, elbows, hands, and fingers.
Also articulated legs, knee joints, ankles, and feet as well as a rotatable tail and his signature dorsal plates, which “ripple with internal energy”. I’m going to assume that means light bricks. That is some good Godzilla action right there! We’re pretty fascinated by this mutant monster. Check out our Godzilla archives.


1 comment on “That rumbling just might be Godzilla: King of Monsters

  1. Exxos

    The top of the head is disturbingly off. Even the flat-headed Godzillas have a bit of a brow/forehead and the head has a more distinct angle off the top of the neck almost like a human head. The back fins are usually much larger and distinct scalloped-edged fins.

    Overall, it misses looking like Godzilla enough that if this article had not claimed it was Godzilla, I would have thought it was a good dinosaur with odd, plantigrade feet.

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