Complete set of LEGO Space X rockets and vehicles – Go for launch!

Space and space exploration is also a very popular subject when it comes to LEGO creations. Valerie Roche and Matthew Nolan have designed a collection of SpaceX vehicles and put it on LEGO’s crowd-sourcing platform Ideas, where it’s already well on its way towards the needed 10,000 supporters. One of the coolest things about this project is that the designers have received input from people working on the real SpaceX program to help make the models even more accurate.

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When NASA announced the end of the space shuttle program, a lot of people started to wonder what was next for humanity’s space exploration future. Entrepreneur Elon Musk did more than wonder, however. In 2002, he founded Space Exploration Technologies Corp, or SpaceX as it is more commonly known. Ever since that day, the public has been thrilled to watch successful launch after launch of the next generation of space-faring vehicles and projects.

Falcon 9

The Falcon 9 is the latest version of the reusable rocket, which has made several successful launches and recoveries since its first launch in 2010. The Falcon 9 model can be configured for both launch and landing.




Falcon Heavy

The Falcon Heavy is designed to carry a heavier payload, as the name suggests, and is bolstered by two additional boosters that are capable of landing after use. The Falcon Heavy model includes, as a bonus, the instantly iconic red Tesla Roadster and Space Man.




The Dragon was originally designed for human passengers, but so far, has only been used to carry smaller payloads like satellites, and supplies for the International Space Station. The LEGO model comes with many configurations, including an expanded cargo area, deployed solar panels, and re-entry parachutes.

23 - Update module 1 - new Dragon 2

13 - New module 5 - Dragon 1 lift off phase

15 - New module 5 -Dragon 1 on space flight phase

17 - New module 5 - Dragon 1 on sea landing phase


Both the Falcon and the Falcon Heavy can be transported to the launchpad on the TEL, or Transporter, Erector, Launcher. The TEL model can be configured for transport, as well as for launch.
1 SpaceX update2

24 - Update module 4 SpaceX carrier system

Even as it crosses the threshold to 10,000 votes on LEGO Ideas, the project has a long journey ahead to become an official set, needing to go through LEGO approval, design feasibility testing, and of course, licensing. However, if this project gets selected to become an official set, it will make a great companion to the Saturn V set for any space exploration enthusiast.

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5 comments on “Complete set of LEGO Space X rockets and vehicles – Go for launch!

  1. Håkan

    Ah, the Tesla Roadster is based on the Race Car Guy costume parts from the CMF 18 series…

  2. Purple Dave


    And that poses a problem. One of the Friends designers was at Brickworld doing some presentations. In the one I attended, I asked about converting CMF parts to regular use, and the answer poses a problem for the Tesla and the command module (which has trays from the S17 hot dog server). When a mold is designed for the CMF line, it’s used in China, so when that element jumps to regular sets, they have to cut a new mold for use in Europe (expensive), ship the parts from China (lots of hassle), or ship the mold back and forth between China and Europe (so not going to happen…). So basically a CMF mold stays CMF-exclusive until someone can justify why it should be part of the regular lineup. There are round and oval trays and plates, so getting the rectangular tray would probably require pitching it as not-a-tray. This use suffices, but they’d probably just go with large tiles instead. The race car costume is even more problematic, as this is the first and only idea I’ve seen someone come up with to use it as not-a-costume. And that’s a bigger problem than the trays. As I said, those you could sub other parts for and make it work. I don’t see any way to brick-build a car that specific size and make it look decent, but Ideas is restricted from ordering new molds. So, basically, someone else would need to both require that for a regular retail set, _and_ make a successful pitch to get it cleared for European production before Ideas could touch it.

  3. Matthew Nolan

    Hi Dave,
    Thanks for the great insight. Ironically we used other parts for both the car and Dragon 1 trays till just two days before their respective releases. We have a brick built Tesla that works so well for the space, that we debated long and hard before changing it. Appreciate the heads up, we’ll make sure we include both options should Lego Ideas as for the LDDs during review.

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