Microscale SpaceX Falcon booster is landing

Whenever a new element is released by LEGO, it quickly starts to show up in custom LEGO creations. This wonderfully detailed microscale model of the SpaceX Falcon booster landing on a mobile platform by Curt Quarquesso is a great example. Curt used two new transparent orange flame-colored parts (aka power burst bolts) for the rocket thrust and its contact with the platform. These pieces have only appeared in two sets so far: 76097: Lex Luthor Mech Takedown, and 76108: Sanctum Sanctorum Showdown.

Micro-scale Falcon 9 ASDS Landing

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  1. Curt Quarquesso

    Greetings! Totally honored to be featured here.

    Starting this weekend inexpensive/donation supported building instructions will be available on the BrickLink MOC Shop storefront.

    In addition, I will begin accepting orders for full kits of the model, ready to build.

    Since I first shared the MOC, the build has undergone much needed design revisions to make it easy and affordable for anyone to purchase parts for and build.

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