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LEGO planes, trains, and automobiles! Well, maybe not trains, since they don’t like to play with the other LEGO themes, but here you’ll find all our favorite cars, buses, boats, ships, helicopters, and anything else with an engine (and some without).

The black stallion

After 8 months, 20 races and plenty of drama, the 2016 Formula One season is now finally over. As a kid, F1 was regular TV viewing in my household and the cheers were always for Team Lotus drivers like Mansell, Andretti and Senna …which was probably because my dad worked for John Player! In my mind there is no race car more iconic than a 70s/80s era Lotus decked out in black and gold JPS livery. So this stunning LEGO model of a Lotus 72D by Hungarian builder zipar gives me all the feels.

The scale of this model means that the builder has managed to capture all of this vehicle’s angles and many small details (right down to the cockpit and V8 engine). But most impressively, it has allowed him to not cop out and use stickers to recreate the gold decals – they’re all brick built! Check out the full album for many glorious closeups.

Roads are for amateurs

The Dakar is a cross-country off-road rally race which is held annually in South America (but named after its former finish line in Africa). It requires a specially designed car which can endure tough terrain and unpredictable weather. If you’re interested, why not take a Ferrari? The F40 may be best known for its smooth lines and road handling, but with the right modifications, it might be the car to beat off the beaten path. This modification of an official LEGO set by LegoMarat has enough suspension, steering, lights, and rollbars to rival any sport-utility vehicle. I can only imagine what the paint job will look like afterwards.

Ferrari F40 Dakar

LEGO Technic Koenigsegg One:1

The Swedish car company Koenigsegg may have an unpronounceable name, but they’re world-renowned for their incredible supercars. The Koenigsegg One:1 takes its name from the one-to-one power to weight ratio, and only six vehicles were built. VKTechnic has created this amazing vehicle in Technic, complete with aggressive red and black racing stripes.

Koenigsegg One:1 Photoshoot

The Technic Koenigsegg One:1 has a number of working features, including opening doors and engine cover. I’d love to see this LEGO car powered by Power Functions, attempting to get from 0 to 100 kph in just 2.8 seconds…

Koenigsegg One:1 Photoshoot

Speed demon

The Fiat Mefistofele was a one-off racing car created in the 1920s to break the land speed record. It was named after a demon by its driver, apparently due to the infernal sound created by the airplane engine that had been fitted inside! Korean builder Pixel Junkie does the historic vehicle justice in this LEGO minifig scale reinterpretation.

The Mefistofele’s unusual construction might explain why the builder chose to man his version with a well-known animated pilot! I only wish the hood could be removed to reveal a LEGO version of that engine. Instead, I will have to make do with this lovely little scene of a mechanic tinkering with it the workshop.

Beat the weekend traffic with this Blacktron Assault Tank

Peter Reid, lover of all things spacey and grey in the LEGO world, has been building in black. More specifically, Peter has built a Blacktron Assault Tank in the classic Blacktron colours of black and yellow. Peter’s little tank is one of a collection of builds that showcase some black LEGO elements as part of The New Black parts festival on New Elementary. This cute little tank uses Nexo Knights shields and long skeleton legs to good effect, but the track with those lovely yellow ‘wheels‘ are a real highlight for me.

Blacktron 'Wolverine' Assault Tank

If you are experiencing some flashbacks to GI Joe then that’s because the design is loosely based on the Wolverine vehicle from the series. There are other views and further discussion over on the New Elementary blog post. I have to say that the only tank I have been in is a Challenger 2, and there were no black tassels hanging off the back.

LEGO Lamborghini Aventador Superveloce in 1:16 scale

Jordanian builder Firas Abu-Jaber presents a 1:16 replica of a Lamborghini Aventador Superveloce worthy of his stunning lineup of LEGO supercars. The lines and subtle angles and slopes throughout are faithful to the real thing. Custom decals over the rear wheels, on the hood, and as the license plates are fine touches that I believe enhance the model.

LEGO Lamborghini Aventador SuperVeloce

The doors open to reveal a detailed interior. The seats may be my favorite detail in Firas’s excellent model; they appear comfortable for a LEGO man behind the wheel.

LEGO Lamborghini Aventador SuperVeloce

LEGO, Ford announce new set celebrating 50 years of Le Mans victories [News]

LEGO and Ford have announced a new set in their ongoing partnership that celebrates Ford’s historic Le Mans victories. The first win came in 1966 with the iconic Ford GT40, as Ford’s cars swept the board with a 1-2-3 win and cemented the company’s place on the stage as a world-class racecar manufacturer. Exactly 50 years later the Ford GT, the descendant of the GT40, placed first in the GTE Pro class at Le Mans. The new LEGO Speed Champions set contains both the Ford GT40 and the Ford GT to celebrate these wins. The new set will be available March 1 for €34.99 (£29.99). Read the full press release below, and watch a video with the set’s designer.

Ford's Le Mans Victories

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Fish don’t fart metal*

A sense of abandonment emanates from David Hensel‘s latest build. Here we have Металлоискатель Submarine, a failed prototype Russian submarine which was built to detect metal on the ocean floor. Its aim was to find wrecked ships and sunken treasure, but David explains that the submarine would just detect itself and show constant maximum readings. The build is great, with some lovely curves and angles. I really like the colour blocking and the military theme to the colour palate used.

Металлоискатель Submarine

The photography and post production work makes this great build truly fantastic. The narrow depth of field replicates a view in deep water while the atmospheric lights give a sense of realism. As a side note, I really love the rubber band on the nose although I have no idea what it represents!

*A quote of Cdr John Fisher on board the USS Ray. Upon seeing a transient on the sonar repeater he confronted the Sonar Supervisor who claimed it was biological, this was his response.

A beautiful blue submersible

Vince Toulouse is quickly becoming a builder who produces the gold standard when it comes to vehicles. Previously featured here multiple times, builds such as the soapbox car, unofficial Batpod and retrofuturistic trike are easy to fall in love with. But his newest build, humbly titled “Machine n°6” may be my favourite: a dark blue submarine.

Machine n°6

Like the trike mentioned above, this creation has a wonderful old-timey feel mixed in with futuristic elements. The shaping pulled off in the front (achieved with smaller elements) is perfectly complimented by the bigger pieces used towards the back. Speaking of which, it would be amiss not to include a rear three-quarter shot to show off, in my opinion, the better looking part of the build:

Machine n°6

Vintage hot rod en route

Master car-builder Andrea Lattanzio‘s latest is a brilliant hot rod. The car itself is a great little model, but — as ever — any LEGO creation looks even cooler when a builder spends quality time on presentation. Andrea’s road scene is a cracker — custom signage and telegraph poles combine with classic desert elements like a cactus and cow skull to create a quintessential Route 66 diorama. Yep, this setup is packed with cliches, but who cares when it looks this good?

Route 66 and Ford "T" Roadster

Scenery aside, it’s worth taking a proper squint at the hot rod. Don’t miss the chromed exhaust pipes and the wiring around the exposed engine. Just looking at this thing makes me do vroom-vroom noises in my head.

'23 Ford Model T roadster pick up: from SoCal to Oslo.

Money may not buy happiness, but I’d rather cry in a Ferrari than on a bus

Everything I know about expensive sports cars can fit into a single Duplo treasure chest (with a bit of room to spare). But I can appreciate the beauty of these two Ferraris, especially since they have been transformed into stunning LEGO mosaics by Ryan Link.

The mosaic above features the Enzo Ferrari and is 60 studs wide and 27 bricks tall, while the mosaic below is the Ferrari 625 TRC which is 50 studs wide and 16 bricks tall. Ryan used a “studs not on top” (SNOT) building technique with both horizontal and vertical plates to achieve these high-resolution mosaics. The end result is so beautiful that I may become a classic sports car fan after all (Just don’t try to make me drive stick shift).

A one-banana speeder

Actually, Karf Oohlu has used three banana parts — one minifig-scale fruit on each side of the racer and a larger one in the center, which is the new banana mask from the Series 16 collectible minifigures. Assuming this poor monkey pilot has to maintain its position above some huge blast, then the racer reminds me of those good old cave racers that were flying around Flickr about 8 years ago. Hold on tight, reckless monkey!

The Banana Split