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Long before LEGO released Marvel and DC Universe Superheroes sets, LEGO fans were building their own Batmobiles and Batcaves, custom Avengers and X-men. Whether you’re looking for news about the official sets or want to check out some really great custom LEGO models inspired by the world of comic books, you’ve come to the right place.

The Dark Knight, the hero that LEGO deserves

Character builds are one of the hardest to accomplish with bricks and it’s likely the reason you don’t see Billund doing much of these aside from the Constraction series. Builder Roy of Floremheim
does a pretty cool Batman with the parts at his disposal and with clever use of elements. While you’ve got to love that 6-pack, my favourite use of parts are the reversed Minifiigure flippers representing the bat insignia.


Presenting REJECTZ: They’re like BRICKHEADZ, only much much worse

For proponents of the art of LEGO character building like myself, LEGO’s new Brickheadz pattern is somewhat horrifying – from an aesthetic standpoint. But it looks like a lotta builders are jumping on the bandwagon and creating their own, so I guess these neckless, mouthless wonders are here to stay! Anyone who was around for the 2010 explosion of Angus MacLane’s (imho superior) Cubedudes probably knows how all this is going to play out. And while some builders have tried to counteract this movement with nicer templates, I decided to see how low I could go. And I think I may have succeeded…

Gotham rooftop rendezvous

Builder Tan Kok Mun recreates a rooftop scene between the Dark Knight and his ally Commissioner Gordon. There are three things that stand out to me in this build: first, the Gothic motif of the rooftop, which is intricate and a clever use of bricks. The next is the ingenious use of the bat signal — especially the projection of the signal into the night. Lastly, and most definitely my favourite of all, is the city skyline. It is so simple and enchanting, giving a sense of surrealism to the scene.


Star Wars, Super Heroes, City, Train sets and more available on sale from Amazon [News]

This week’s Amazon deals include sets from Star Wars, Super Heroes, City and Trains! See more of Amazon’s LEGO Sales and Deals for discounts on many other sets and themes.

LEGO STAR WARS TIE Striker 75154 is 30% off, currently listed at $49.00.

LEGO Star Wars Encounter on Jakku 75148 is 35% off, currently listed at $39.00.

LEGO Super Heroes Hulk vs. Red Hulk 76078 is 20% off, currently listed at $48.06.

LEGO City Trains Cargo Train 60052 is 30% off, currently listed at $139.99.

LEGO City Trains High-speed Passenger Train 60051 is 20% off, currently listed at $119.99.

This could be the beginning of a beautiful enmity

The relationship between Batman and The Joker has been the source of countless LEGO creations, not to mention the main theme of the recent LEGO Batman Movie. However, we don’t often see large-scale interpretations of where it all began, the confrontation between Batman and the leader of the Red Hood Gang at Gotham’s Ace Chemical Plant — as depicted in the classic graphic novel The Killing Joke. Once again Tim Lydy proves he’s a master of LEGO Batman creations, following up on his wonderful large-scale figures with this brilliant diorama.
ACE, "The Chemical Place"
I love what Tim’s done with the chemical tanks — their contents look suitably toxic. And the level of detail and greebling creates a fantastic impression of a working plant, full of pipes and valves and gauges. As soon as I saw the Red Hood figure in the Batman Collectible Minifig range, I knew someone would have a go at this scene. I’m just glad it was Tim — he’s certainly done it justice.

Someone will come along

Someone HAS come along. If you’re still on the fence about whether or not to see Logan, perhaps this stunning LEGO scene by Andrew Cookston will convince you to head to the theater.

“So this is what it feels like...”

“I hurt myself today... to see if I still feel...”

Nature made me a freak. Man made me a weapon. And God made it last too long.

I don’t want to spoil the film, but I’ll say that it has beautiful cinematography and an emotional storyline. Unlike the typical superhero film, however, it might be too gory for young viewers. (It is rated R after all).

Andrew’s LEGO scene (and his teaser image to the left) captures the somber tone of the film. I love the forced perspective created by the rocky terrain and the power lines. The muted color palette and the stoic minifigures are perfection.

Robin finally gets some cool wheels

In every aspect of the partnership between the Dark Knight and the Boy Wonder, it’s always Batman who has stolen the limelight. I’ve even felt that the recent LEGO Batman Movie reinforces this pattern, one that spans the entire 76 year franchise. Robin warrants a bit more visibility of his own, and these LEGO builds are the exactly what’s been long overdue. Elvis Lawrey builds not 1 but 6 vehicles that are well deserved by Robin, all in a predictable but appropriate red and black color scheme. My favourite has got to be the menacing tank. What’s yours? Hop over to Elvis’ Flickr album and salivate over the details behind each build!

Lego Batman Batmobile Robin Vehicle MOC MOD

Click to see the vehicles

Dormammu, I’ve come to bargain!

Marvel has been churning out one hit movie hit after another, and Dr Strange was another winner. Their refresh of timeless superheroes also inspires LEGO builders like Letranger Absurde to recreate these iconic characters in bricks. Geared up in his Cloak of Levitation and equipped with the Eye of Agamotto, there’s little that Dormammu, the supervillan on the big screen can do to outwit the brilliant Doctor. My favourite part of the build is actually how the nose cone elements in yellow are used to construct the gloved hands, and the white streaks of hair represented by radiator grille parts.

Doctor Strange Alternate

Adorable brick superheroes get supersized

LEGO’s new BrickHeadz may the latest fad, but French builder Jimmy Fortel is showing us they don’t have the market cornered for adorable superhero characters made of bricks. The Chibz characters, designed by Jimmy, are a bit larger than BrickHeadz and can incorporate great brick-built expressions into the faces as well as more detail on the bodies. Jimmy’s started off with 3 each from Marvel and DC, and has more planned.

Presenting the CHIBZ brick figures

The LEGO Batman Movie 70901 Mr. Freeze Ice Attack [Review]

What killed the dinosaurs? The Ice Age! Whether you love him for his puns or hate him for the same reason, Mr. Freeze is an excellent counterpoint to the broody Bat of Gotham. So buckle up readers and get nostalgic for icy puns because it’s time to review Mr. Freeze Ice Attack (Set 70901).

This set retails for $19.99 and has 201 pieces. Based on LEGO’s standard pricing of $0.10 per piece, this price tag is pretty much spot on. It comes with three minifigs (Batman, Mr. Freeze, and a Security Guard), Mr. Freeze’s Exosuit, a power plant console, and a minifig-sized chunk of ice. Interestingly, this set combines with two other new Batman sets: 70900 The Joker Balloon Escape and 70910 Scarecrow Special Delivery. The end result is a mega-set that looks like the power station from the opening scene of the LEGO Batman Movie. Pretty nifty, right?

Read the full review after the jump

Pirates of the Caribbean BrickHeadz revealed, BrickHeadz available now [News]

LEGO’s new line of BrickHeadz characters are available now for LEGO VIP Program members on the LEGO Shop online. These sets will be available to the general public beginning Wednesday, March 1. LEGO’s VIP Program is free to join, and you can sign up online, so you can still order your BrickHeadz today even if you’re not already a VIP member. You can check out our reviews of The LEGO Batman Movie sets and Marvel Avengers sets if you’re not sure which one you want to buy first.

Also revealed today are two new characters from Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales. Included in the instruction books and on the boxes for 41595 Belle and 41596 Beast are images for none other than Captain Jack Sparrow (41593) and a new character: Captain Armando Salazar (41594).

Click here to see the BrickHeadz for sale now!

Holy bust made of bricks, Batman!

If 1960s Classic TV Robin saw this build, he’d say the same thing! Batman fan Havoc has done a beautiful sculpt of the Caped Crusader. I particularly like how Batman’s pointed ears are made from 16×4 Triple Curved Wedges. It gives Batman a pointed, sharp, brooding look that fits his persona.

Quickly Robin, to the Batmobile!