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Crippling foot pain was their plan all along

Builder Didier Burtin shows that your LEGO bricks causing great foot pain was their devious plan the whole time, with his brick-built interpretation of the meme. Didier’s build is my favorite of all the physically built versions I’ve seen, especially with the shape of the foot in the diagram.

They have a plan

Tread carefully. These bricks are most painful when you least expect them.

Is this where Groot grew up?

A magical place is how Jonas Kramm describes this serene little home tucked under a tree. What’s interesting is how there’s a particular element that belongs to the LEGO Duplo family that’s part of this build. If you’ve not spotted it yet, it’s the green grass element that forms the roof of the home. I wonder what beings live in this fairy tale wonderland — earth fairies, or ground trolls, or was it the home of Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy? I’ve got my eyes on that hole in the tree trunk, just waiting to see what pops out of the curious-looking land.

The Root Kingdom

Continue with the operation. You may fire when ready.

Speedyhead recreated the destruction of Princess Leia’s home planet of Alderaan, a classic Star Wars scene, with LEGO. The lighting effect on the laser and forced perspective planet is stunning. The detailed Imperial architecture shouldn’t be overlooked though; the texture of the window and separation of floor panels are on point.


How to make LEGO mashed potatoes

Mashed potatoes are awfully tasty, aren’t they? Or diced, fried potatoes. Or baked potatoes. Really, potatoes any way I could have them are awfully tasty. That doesn’t seem to be good news for our friend on the cutting board, does it?

TBB staple Barney Main gives us a delightful scene, preparing potatoes for their delicious end. Though I don’t think our appreciation is shared by the subject on the cutting board, if those large eyes and worried face are any indicator.

While you ponder the potato’s fate, check out the other details: the skin peeler, the book, the knife, and the gas stove top. The potato masher is particularly ingenious!


Get abs like bricks

Looks like someone is still trying to fulfil their new year’s resolution. Kosbrick has created a perfect brick-built gym scene for his current Iron Builder contest, and the use of the paint roller handle is genius.


On his blog, Kos explains the build was a reminder of official modular builds, and I’ve got to say it does. It also reminds me that I do have to hit the gym really soon!

Fee, Fi, Fo, Fum

Brother Steven artfully captures the moment a home intruder breaks in and steals the owner’s valuables, before subsequently escaping and murdering the wronged homeowner. I never quite got the moral of that story.

I particularly like the expression on the giant’s face in the picture above, but be sure to check out the full shot for the fantastic details.

A Nighthawk by any other name

eldeem brings you a diorama inspired by the 1942 painting Nighthawks by Edward Hopper. The scene is the culminating installment of the builder’s “Hawks in the Night” series, which features some very effective camera work.

Hawks in the Night: Part Fouuur

If you’re a fan of the painting, you might have missed Alex Eylar’s Nighthawks of the Living Dead, featured on this august blog back in 2010.