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A kooky koala using just thirty LEGO pieces

We’re used to seeing larger LEGO creations from Dan Ko but this time he presents a cute koala using only thirty pieces. He tells us the koala is among the wildest and most dangerous animals in the world, if not the whole universe. Wait, does Dan know something we don’t? I was already aware Australia housed thousands of animals hellbent on killing us all but I didn’t know the koala was among them. Crikey!

In the wild

Koala-ty time at home

This quiet, marsupial-filled LEGO scene from Jane Gibbons-Eyre is exactly the vibe I want as I head into a much-needed vacation from work. The posing on her two koalas is fantastic, as are the perfectly-scaled chairs they’re sitting in. In fact, all the items in this tableau feel well-crafted and deliberate. The record player, the plie of books, the plate of food, the lamp – each piece stands on it’s own as an individual creation, and also as one part of a larger scene.

A quiet night in

More details in this serene scene below