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Atlas & P-Body by eldeeem

Despite heroic contributions from Xbox friends like Tyler, I never quite managed to get all the way through co-op mode in Portal 2. Still, it was really really fun, and I always enjoy seeing LEGO renditions of the paired test subjects Atlas and P-Body. This version by Ryan H. (eldeeem) is at a larger scale that enables him to add plenty of detail and color contrast. I’m rarely a fan of rubber bands as critical structural elements in LEGO models (yes, even in official sets), but by adding them around other bricks, Ryan has softened the corners of several blocky areas rather nicely.

Atlas & P-Body

A robot from the future that never was

There’s something sad about retro-futurism — the perception of people in the past about what the present or future would look like (think “The Jetsons”). Despite all our hand computers and robots on Mars, we still don’t have practical flying cars or robot butlers.

So it is with a twinge of regret for a future that never came to pass that I share this excellent vintage robot by Jeffrey Heuer (Norweasel). The legs are fully articulated, and he looks like he’s wearing a monocle.

Robot - Walking

Thanks for the tip, Volume X.