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LEGO Master Chef enters the automat

In case you’re wondering, automats are basically vending machine restaurants. Tons of little windowed boxes hold cold and hot fair available to any customers that drop a few coins in its slots. Well, before inflation and fast food pretty much killed them. Still, I can’t help but be reminded of these eclectic bits of culinary history when looking at this lovely sandwich built by Australian LEGO Master Henry Pinto. White bread with a mysterious orange cheese over some tomatoes and lettuce is exactly what you might find in an automat vending machine. Though white bread can be pretty bland and gummy, Henry’s solid LEGO reproduction is wholly satisfying. Each slice is two studs high with a smooth nougat crust attached to the white interior using modified bricks with studs on the sides. Sloped tiles used in the crust capture the pudgy corners of the bread, contrasting the sharp angles of the greens and the slices of tomato peaking out. Meanwhile, sloped bricks create the distinct cut in the sandwich which I hope runs all the way through the model.

LEGO Sandwich

I will remind you that you shouldn’t eat LEGO food, despite how appetizing builders might make it look. Though, you might actually want to grab a snack before you get lost in more of Henry Pinto’s masterful models.

I’m consciousness. I’m alive. I’m Chappie.

Chappie, a movie set in the scene from a crime-ridden city from 2015 is an underrated movie that deserves more attention. The interesting take of a droid that has rabbit-like ears is the Robocop-esque reboot we need. One of half of the duo winning team of LEGO Masters Australia Season 1, Henry Pinto aka The LEGO Dark Knight gives Chappie a number of new lives imagined in LEGO with variations of colours and flexible poses that any mechanical robot should ever need.


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