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Films and the cinema provide a lot of great inspiration for LEGO builders all over the world. You’ll find LEGO models inspired by everything from Mad Max to Toy Story here.

There’s a hole in your plan

This UCS-scale Buzz Droid is ready to sabotage thanks to its creator Takamichi Irie. Once it catches on to your ship, there’s no escape from its whirling saw and disruptive claws, unless you have a clever R2 droid to zap it in the eye. The technique for the hemisphere shells is spot on. Check out the work-in-progress shots to see the breakdown of the build.

Buzz Droid

LEGO V.I.N.CENT. goes in, through...and beyond

Pascal explores the depths of space with this awesome rendition of V.I.N.CENT. (Vital Information Necessary CENTralized.) from Disney’s The Black Hole. The Black Hole has not aged well, in my opinion, but V.I.N.CENT. has always been one of my favorite movie robots. Pascal has managed to capture his essence quite well. You can almost hear Roddy McDowell’s voice coming over the speakers. The expression of the eyes and studless build technique are perfect. One also has to love the presentation, using the same black hole graphic as in the movie.


LEGO Batman Movie 2017 set images revealed [News]

After some tantalizing reveals at San Diego Comic Con and New York Comic Con earlier in the year, official images (including box art) have now emerged revealing most of the LEGO Batman Movie set lineup scheduled to hit shelves in 2017. We’ll relay exact information about pricing, availability, and the sets not already pictured here as it comes to us. These look like great sets that will complement what looks to be a promising movie!

Via The Brick Fan.

70909 Batcave Break-In, 1047 pieces

70908 The Scuttler, 775 pieces

Click here to see all the new sets

Catbus knows your destination

What is a Catbus? Well, it’s a cat that’s a bus of course! This particular Catbus has been crafted by CK Tsang and is an excellent depiction of Catbus at this scale. Catbus is a character from the classic anime movie My Neighbor Totoro by legendary Japanese director Hayao Miyazaki. The wide grinning smile and bright ‘headlight’ eyes are perfectly captured in this build. Don’t worry about the lack of a door, as one of those windows will elongate should you want to climb aboard for a ride.


We all go a little mad sometimes

For any minifigs on the run after stealing $40,000 from their boss, there is finally some good news! The members of Brickstons Group (Pepi Blas, Emiliano Martinez, Jose Luis de la Fuente, and Alfonso Abeger) have created a LEGO Bates Motel from Alfred Hitchcock’s iconic film Psycho and it is open for business. What a perfect place to lay low and avoid the police.


The builders based the design of the house off of the original drawings used in the film. And the Brickstons Group even built furniture for each motel room and the office. I wonder if there are any taxidermied birds in there? Of course, the recreated shower scene in black and white looks great. Check out even more photos of this great build on Flickr.

Psycho Psycho

RoboCop and ED-209 square off at the smallest scale possible

We’ve seen many great LEGO renditions of ED-209 from RoboCop in a variety of scales, but none this small. Grantmasters has managed to make both the hulking robot as well as RoboCop himself using only a handful of pieces. We don’t have an official count but it looks to be under a dozen of LEGO’s smallest pieces.

Smaller Still

If you’re still in the mood for microscale ‘bots, check out this equally small AT-ST.

LEGO 21306 The Beatles Yellow Submarine [Review]

LEGO’s crowd-sourced Ideas platform is on a roll this year, with sets and news coming in rapid succession. Early this year we reviewed the 21305 Maze, and learned that the Apollo 11 Saturn V and Adventure Time characters will become sets. At the beginning of this month, LEGO announced the Old Fishing Store, and we reviewed the 21307 Caterham Seven 620R at its launch a few weeks ago. Now, 21306 The Beatles Yellow Submarine is available on The LEGO Shop. The set will retail for $59.99 USD and contains 550 pieces.

UPDATE: 21306 LEGO Beatles Yellow Submarine is out now!

21306 The Beatles Yellow Submarine

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This is Halloween, everybody make a scene.

This Nightmare Before Christmas LEGO creation by Cesar Soares looks like it came straight out of Tim Burton’s head. Mimicking the opening of the movie, this vignette is done in mostly black and white and it packs a lot of detail into a seemingly simple design. It’s got Mjolnir cobblestones, an eerie lamppost, and even pumpkin heads impaled on the fence spikes!

Nightmare Before Christmas

But of course, the real stars of this build are the perfectly proportioned figures: Jack Skellington and the Mayor of Halloween Town (aka, the original good cop/bad cop). The Mayor even comes with his “Mayor-mobile.” The proportions on this hearse are spookily good. If you’ve seen the movie before you’ll remember the car’s Dr. Seuss-like loudspeaker and the black cat hood ornament (which lets out a yowl siren when you crank the tail).

Nightmare Before Christmas

Well, I think it is time to bust out my old VHS collection so I can watch this movie.

LEGO Marvel Superheroes 76060 Doctor Strange’s Sanctum Sanctorum [Review]

It’s about a week till the general release of the latest Marvel superhero movie Doctor Strange. The plot of the movie still is a mystery, so the LEGO set 76060 Doctor Strange’s Sanctum Sanctorum is a perfect chance to get a hint at what may unfold on the big screen. This medium-sized set was released in August and was marked as a limited offer both in the US and Canada. The set contains 358 pieces and 3 minifigures, for the price of $29.99.

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Into the woods with Tom Bombadil

While Tom Bombadil is an overlooked character in the Lord of the Ring films, this LEGO rendition of his home is too good to let slip by without mention. legostrator has given us a colorful woodland scene, with the character in question front and center. The house itself is quite wonderful and full of color.

The combination of finger hinges and minifig hands gives a nice texture to the roof, while the different methods for the siding on the house make it visually interesting. Barrels in the corners are easy to miss! I particularly love the spindly tree to the right of the house. The lady’s dress is lovely, too!

An old tale of horror in black and white

This LEGO portrait of Frankenstein’s monster by David Alexander Smith employs a nifty negative-space technique to create a classic movie-poster feel. The lurching lines lend an air of misshapen monstrosity to the face, and the monotone palette imitates the harsh lighting of ancient horror flicks.

Expressionist Portrait

Take a look inside the workings of a T-65 X-Wing

The X-Wing has been the subject of several great LEGO builds and official sets over the years. Add to the line-up this minifigure-scaled version built by Inthert, which is not just highly detailed on the exterior paneling. Hiding underneath this paneling are various wires, hoses, and other detail bits throughout the fuselage, cockpit, and one engine and laser in a sectioned view.

T-65 X-wing: V2 (1)

T-65 X-wing: V2 (cross-section 1)