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Films and the cinema provide a lot of great inspiration for LEGO builders all over the world. You’ll find LEGO models inspired by everything from Mad Max to Toy Story here.

Free LEGO Disco Batman & Tears of Batman minifigures from The LEGO Batman Movie [News]

The LEGO Batman Movie comes out today, and to celebrate LEGO is giving away two more ridiculous costumes for Batman. The set, 30607 Disco Batman/Tears of Batman is available free with the purchases $75 of more in LEGO stores and the LEGO Shop Online. The promo begins today, Feb. 10, and runs through Feb. 28 or while supplies last. LEGO is also giving away posters of various characters from The LEGO Batman Movie with orders.

Disco Batman includes an exclusive torso print, while the pearl gold Bat-cowl and flashy two-tone cape are only available otherwise in the huge Batcave Break-in set. The Tears of Batman minifigure will net you an exclusive red Bat-cowl and green cape. Of course, the torso is also exclusive.

I am the (LEGO) law!

The stern scowl and helmet of Judge Dredd is an instantly recognizable combination, and Grantmasters has captured it well in this flat build inspired by the portraits of Chris McVeigh. This build makes great use of the space with the background behind Dredd simulating the sprawling, dense city in the film. And the use of gold LEGO wings to simulate the pauldron is a master stroke. I am the law!

I Am The Law

LEGO BrickHeadz DC characters from The LEGO Batman Movie [Review]

We loved what we saw when we got our first look at LEGO’s new BrickHeadz theme, but how do they stack up in the brick? The LEGO BrickHeadz will be available to LEGO VIP-card holders in LEGO stores and the LEGO Shop Online beginning Feb. 15, and they’ll retail for $9.99 USD each.

LEGO BrickHeadz

We’ve got our hands on all 10 of the characters that LEGO has announced so far, and we’re keen to show you what we think. We’re starting off with a look at the four DC characters, all from The LEGO Batman Movie. (Read our review of the movie here.) Continue reading

The LEGO Batman Movie is a funny Batman movie built with bricks [Review]

The first words in my review of The LEGO Movie three years ago were “I’ll admit it: I had very low expectations for The LEGO Movie.” But as we’ve all discovered since then, everything was awesome! Nevertheless, I attended a press screening this evening of The LEGO Batman Movie with fairly moderate expectations, not expecting a miracle twice.

While I would be hard-pressed to call The LEGO Batman Movie miraculous, much of the movie does deliver on expectations set by its predecessor, from its constant stream of sight gags and totally unexpected cameos to the largely brick-built world that the minifigs inhabit.

Batman flying

Read the full review of The LEGO Batman Movie

The LEGO Ninjago Movie trailer has arrived [News]

Warner Bros. has released the first trailer for The LEGO Ninjago Movie, the next film in the LEGO movie franchise following The Lego Batman Movie (which is out this weekend). The film is adapted from both the Ninjago product line as well as the successful animated TV series.

The story focuses on teenage Lloyd a.k.a. the Green Ninja (Dave Franco), who must work with a team of ninja friends led by Master Wu (Jackie Chan) to defend their island home of Ninjago against the evil warlord Lord Garmadon (Justin Theroux), all while dealing with the monsters and mundanities that come with high school. But the black-helmeted, four-armed supervillain Garmadon just happens to be Lloyd’s dad. Continue reading

That’s it man, game over man, game over!

We’re in the pipe, five by five, with Daniel Schlumpp‘s stunning UD-4L Cheyenne Dropship from the movie Aliens. Featuring fold-out missile pods, working front landing gear and a fold down ramp, this amazing replica looks like it could be coming around for a seven zero niner any minute.

Lego UCS Aliens Dropship

Daniel designed his creation digitally first, and experimented with rendering it with this great night-time shot.

Lego Alien's Dropship 3D Render

If you liked this UD-4L Cheyenne dropship, you might like these LEGO versions featured on The Brothers Brick previously:

New expansions for LEGO Dimensions announced, including The Goonies and Harry Potter [News]

LEGO and Warner Bros. today announced several upcoming expansions to LEGO Dimensions, adding to the growing pantheon of licenses the video game envelops. The new packs will include characters from The Goonies, Harry Potter, and LEGO’s own Chase McCain. The new packs will be available in May. New packs are also available Feb. 10, including a Batman Movie Story Pack to coincide with the The LEGO Batman Movie, an Excalibur Batman, and Knight Rider.

71267 The Goonies Level Pack, $29.99, 118 pieces

Read the full press release and see the other packs below.
Continue reading

Lead the charge with a sick metal tune

How does one person go from creating How I Met Your Mother vignettes to building an epic Mad Max: Fury Road Doof Wagon? We may never know, but the fact is, Speedyhead did it. I have yet to meet a person who did not like the latest Mad Max film, be it for the insane vehicles and action or the underlying theme of equality and freedom. The Doof Wagon is many people’s favourite “character” of the film. I can’t imagine many things more awesome than a metal concert riding into battle on a huge postapocalyptic truck.

Doof Wagon

All the details are in the right places and the whole thing is just like in the film. It has everything from the weird guitar-flamethrower player to the huge speakers. The base adds a lot to the presentation too, and even some sense of motion and power.

Doof Warrior

Beauty and the Beast LEGO BrickHeadz revealed [News]

Last week we got our first look at LEGO BrickHeadz, the upcoming line of collectible brick-built characters. Today LEGO is unveiling 2 additional characters, the beloved Disney characters Belle and the Beast. This isn’t the first time Beauty and the Beast has come to LEGO, as Belle’s Enchanted Castle was released last year in the Disney Princess line.

Each BrickHeadz character will retail for $9.99 USD, and they will be available for VIP early access beginning Feb. 15, with a wide release March 1, just in time for the March 17 opening of the live-action Beauty and the Beast film. Read the full BrickHeadz press release below the jump.

With 4 BrickHeadz each from Marvel and DC, plus these two classic Disney characters, that accounts for 10 of the planned 12 characters for BrickHeadz Series 1. Let us know in the comments what you think the last 2 characters for Series 1 will be. Continue reading

LEGO Batman Movie 70909 Batcave Break-in [Review]

I don’t know about you guys, but I am super pumped for The LEGO Batman Movie coming out on February 10, 2017. We already know that Will Arnett as Batman is hilarious and there’s bound to be plenty of LEGO jokes hidden in the background. So while we count down the days until the hilarity ensues, let’s review one of the The LEGO Batman Movie sets: 70909 Batcave Break-In.

70909 Batcave Break-in

Overall, this set has a lot going for it. There are a ton of interesting play features built into the design and the two vehicles are phenomenal. Best of all, the set comes with 9 great minifigs, several of which are exclusive to this set. Continue reading

Summer 2017 wave of LEGO Batman Movie sets revealed [News]

The LEGO Batman Movie’s Feb. 10 release is right around the corner, but LEGO isn’t done revealing all the tie-in sets yet. Last week we got a look at the new LEGO Brick Headz collectible figures line, which includes 4 characters from the movie, and today we’re getting our first look at the summer lineup of film sets, due out in June.

70916 The Batwing, $89.99 USD

Includes Batman, Robin, and the Batwing with seating for two minifigures. The Batwing can transform from flight to landing modes, and features a rear compartment with a small car. The Batwing is 18 in. (48cm) wide and 12 in. (31cm) long. The set also includes Harley Quinn and her cannon. We reviewed the Batwing mini set recently.

Continue reading

He might be little but he is no chicken...well actually...

Chicken Little is everyone’s favourite neurotic chicken who runs around telling everyone that the sky is falling and is mocked for his efforts. Well, just as Chinese New Year approaches, Alan Boar has created this adorable LEGO version of Chicken Little as he appears in the animated movie. His cute chicken features, stripey T-shirt and geeky specs are perfect, even though Alan had to compromise on colour and use grey instead of green frames.

LEGO Chicken Little

Thankfully Alan decided to build Chicken Little with his beak closed. In the movie, Chicken Little has teeth, presumably in case he gets a bit peckish, but it just seems wrong to me.