LEGO Ideas third 2021 review results [News]

Today, LEGO Ideas revealed the results of the third review of 2021. Joining this year’s lineup of newly approved LEGO Ideas sets is the Hocus Pocus – Sanderson Sisters’ Cottage.

The Hocus Pocus-themed set was designed by Belgian Fan Designer Amber Veyt, and had been listed on LEGO Ideas since early 2021. The set hit 10,000 supporters in October of last year, qualifying it for review by the LEGO Ideas designer team.

While the Hocus Pocus set made it into the approved stage, it was the only one out of 36 sets to make the cut. Others, including the Clockwork Solar System by ChrisOrchard and BrentWaller, Union Pacific “Big Boy” by Lassehfl, Steampunk Explorers by Castor-Troy and Max Brich, and Land Ahoy by Ralf Ranghaal were passed over by LEGO.

Here are the results of the review in one picture:

5 comments on “LEGO Ideas third 2021 review results [News]

  1. Randy

    Leave it to LEGO to pick the least exciting set of the bunch. I was really looking forward to the Sheriff’s office, the record store, the Big Boy, Naruto! WTH?

  2. Shane

    Really bummed about the Big Boy steam engine. The builder even made it so that it ran on regular lego train curved rails, albeit with some difficultly. Still, it’d be an awesome model for display. I guess I’ll have to look into alternatives for that one.

  3. Cody Pope

    I feel like all four of those passed over would be good for the BL Designer Program

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