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Bionicle was a line of sets that grew out of the LEGO Technic line that LEGO produced between 2001 and 2010, succeeded by Hero Factory. Bionicle had an incredibly complex storyline that accompanied the sets, and most of the elements didn’t integrate well with traditional SYSTEM bricks. As a result, long-time adult fans like the contributors here on The Brothers Brick never quite appreciated what Bionicle had to offer, so most of the LEGO models we feature here on The Brothers Brick are built from traditional SYSTEM bricks. Nevertheless, we do appreciate a great Bionicle creation from time to time.

Long live the Imp King

Vlad Lisin ([Rhymes_Shelter]) checks in for the second week in a row with a dinotastic Bionicle creation he calls The Imp King, that looks like a creature ripped from a Guillermo del Toro movie. I can always count on Vlad for just the right background to complement the model.


It’s a little slow this weekend, constant reader, you must have other things to do than sequester yourself with our favorite toy. Don’t be afraid to call in on the ‘long distance dedication line’ if you have a contemporary tune you’d like to hear, I’ll take the 7th caller…

“My friend the witch doctor, he taught me what to say.”

The doctor is in, constant reader and he’s ready to hear your myriad of problems dating back to childhood. Hankyung Ryu (uhank) is the responsible party for this out of left field Bionicle creation which he calls Witchdocter-bot. The righteous headgear drew me in, but I stayed for the fine details like the ribcage and fancy accessories.


Since sharing is caring and the Bionicle Tribe is notorious for their strong bonds of friendship and consumption of Mountain Dew, I’m going to sneak in one more non-System model. The builder is Belarus native Vlad Lisin ([Rhymes_Shelter]), whose work has graced the pages of TBB in the past. Enjoy G’Loona, part of your Sunday serving of Bionicle…which is totally not dead.


“Well, I can drive that loader.”

Aliens meets Bionicle in the latest cool creation by Kyle Peckham called Cervatus and his Power Loader. Built for the annual Bio Cup competition on MOCpages, the exosuit is designed to accommodate a 10 inch tall Bionicle figure while being fully poseable and removable from the character itself. The competition is bringing out the best of the Bionicle tribe, so check out the other entries if you have the time an inclination.


King Riccardo

Sometimes the right photo can make all the difference. This photo was posted by Bio Master last week and I decided not to blog the creation because the builder referred to it as a “preview”. Although the finalized photos of this vision in gold were posted during the week, I don’t think any of them can match the power of the original teaser shot.


TBB seems to be at odds with the Bionicle building community of late, and from my limited perspective they seem very difficult to please. Bionicle builders get upset when you don’t blog Bionicle…they get upset when you blog the wrong Bionicle…they get upset if you use the wrong title…it’s all terribly exhausting. My personal message to the Bionicle community is this: “Lighten up, Francis“.

Shinjen the Samurai

Facebook tipster Curtis D Collins is pretty sure that Shinjen the Samurai is fit for your discerning consumption. Curtis, if you’re wrong about this one buddy, that’s it for you. You’ll never get so much as a toe in the revolving door of TBB Headquarters. Your name will be no good in this town. The constant readers of this site will decide your fate as a tipster for TBB in the comments. Even their silence can be deadly.

Shinjen the Samurai

I happen to love this model by Vlad Lisen (Rhymes_Shelter), and I think the readers will too. That face! You’re probably safe this time Collins…but watch your step my friend, especially around Tripod and Gould, those two are spoiling for a fight.


BioRays says that the inspiration for this came from Gundam and “HF Brain Attack hero core”. I know what Gundam is, can’t say the same for the latter. But I also know an eye catching build when I see one. The colour scheme is downright fantastic, and the complexity of build makes my brain hurt a bit.


Several view

And I am always a sucker for a good ordnance loadout.