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Can you smell what Dwayne “The Croc” Johnson is cooking?

There is an app that, if you were inclined to download it, enables you to start your day with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. No matter what time zone he happens to be in, the app will alert you that he has arisen with his own soothing recorded voice. I’m certain your day will then diverge greatly after that. But I’m sure in some alternate universe there is such an app for Dwayne “The Croc” Johnson as seen here built in LEGO by Axelford2. You can wake up to The Croc’s soothing bellowing as he jockeys for the perfect mate. You, on the other hand, may have to employ other methods to find yours. Because crocodiles aren’t scary enough, this one is bipedal and completely jacked with muscles. There really is no chance for mating at the crocodile watering hole when this big brute is around.

Dwayne The Croc Johnson