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Cats are royalty, no matter where you are

This LEGO build by Vohdoff of a laborer ferrying a whimsical feline beast shows that even in a fantasy realm, cats are still royalty. I suspect the cat in question here may draw some of its inspiration from Japanese Kitsune with their many tails. Whatever its origins, though, this creature is gorgeously sculpted from mostly Bionicle elements. Meanwhile, the servant also has an otherworldly visage, and a magnificent gold collar to match the cat’s eyes.

The Arduous Carrier

In order to finish first, you first must finish (building)

Calling a build for a contest ‘First Place’ could be seen as a tad arrogant. But I think we can let it slide in Vohdoff‘s case given the quality of this latest Bio-Cup effort. It’s a build so smooth I had to triple-check it was indeed made of Bionicle pieces, let alone regular LEGO! All the panels are so seamlessly blended – I bet this thing cuts through the air like butter. The bike itself is very Akira-esque. It bears a resemblance to modern high-performance motorcycles you might see on the road, but there are just enough unusual elements to give it a near-future sci-fi aesthetic. The same could be said for the rider in their chunky leathers. Take the head, for instance: it comes from a K-2SO buildable figure, which could imply a mechanical pilot. But it looks just human enough that it could equally be a futuristic helmet suitable for high-speed riding. Either way, they have good taste in machinery!

First Place

Pet the space doggy. What can go wrong?

Occasionally you hear stories of people with diminished reasoning and an overblown sense of entitlement climbing into a bear cage at the zoo to get a good selfie with the big cuddly teddy. Drama ensues and often the photo doesn’t turn out as post-wothy as expected. That’s just evolution working itself out, really. Speaking of evolution, LEGO builder Vohdoff demonstrates some highly evolved skills with Bionicle. Behold the Blooming Wolf! I’m loving the use of pretty pink flowers on this tentacle-butted beast. However, if it’s crouching hunter’s stance doesn’t signal danger the blade in its snarling teeth just might. I’m convinced to enjoy this odd creature from a very safe distance; lightyears away, in fact. If you’re braver than I am check out our beastiary of wild and wooly creatures in our archives.

The Blooming Wolf