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A vibrant Greek city on the sea

The annual Kockice Brickstory Contest attracted a lot of talented builders this year including jaapxaap’s Hanging Gardens of Babylon that we posted on Wednesday, butĀ Simon Schweyer‘s Greek Polis is the most massive entry I’ve seen so far.

A Classical Greek Polis

There is so much to take in! Four unique homes, an amphitheater filled with tiny citizens, a vineyard, a goat herder, a temple, an Oracle inspired by the one in Delphi, and even a man-powered war galley.

A Classical Greek Polis (Herder) A Classical Greek Polis (Trireme)

You can check outĀ even more details on Flickr.

Herakles, Herakles, Heracles!

One great thing to come out of the collectible minifig craze has been a renewed effort by builders to capture ancient Greece in all its mythological splendor. The latest builder to capitalize on the available cast of characters is mihaimmariusmihu who brings to life one of the labors of Herakles; the rescue of Prometheus from his eternal torture chained to a rock at the foot of Kazbek Mountain. The admittedly few sources I checked indicated that this particular labor was not one of the original 12, but was sort of an extended adventure. I’m sure Hesiod and Aeschylus would agree, however, that this is a great diorama with bold colors and classical details, even if the gang of minotaurs seems a little odd. Unfortunately this is one of the few times I was hoping for a back-story or explanation of some kind, the builder doesn’t have much to say on Flickr. Perhaps this posting will coax him out.

Showdown with Herakles / On the foot of the Kazbek Mountain

“I get knocked down, but I get up again, you’re never gonna keep me down”

You can’t stop Ryan McNaught (TheBrickMan), you can only hope to contain him. Feast your eyes on Ryan’s LEGO Acropolis, currently on display in the Nicholson Museum in Sydney as part of their “Etruscans: a classical fantasy” exhibition. According to the museum’s website:

Following on from the extraordinary success of the LEGO Colosseum in 2012, the Brickman, Ryan McNaught, has turned his hand to one of the most iconic architectural monuments of Ancient Greece – The Acropolis!

The LEGO model displays the Acropolis both as it was in the fifth century BC and as it is today as one of Greece’s most popular tourist attractions. Captured in LEGO are some of the Acropolis’ more famous visitors including Pericles, Lord Elgin, Dame Agatha Christie, and even Elton John.

Also on display is the museum’s 19th century model of the acropolis, which captured the acropolis as it stood in 1895 in plaster.

Ryan’s awesome work will be on display through June of 2014, but if you can’t make it in person, be sure to check out the full set of photos over on Flickr.

Me with the LEGO Acropolis