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This Hades bust from Disney’s Hercules goes the distance!

Inaccuracies aside, I absolutely adore the Greek mythology/gospel mashup that is Disney’s Hercules! And NS Brick Designs wows us with this LEGO bust of Hades, the movie’s big baddie. The use of slopes here is excellent, giving the character an appropriate gaunt look. And the god’s fiery hair is an exquisite mess of transparent orange. I love the use of the molded skull piece as the clip on his toga – a great touch often overlooked on the character. And finishing it up with the beautiful pop of yellow from the immortal’s brilliant eyes, I can almost hear James Woods’s voice screaming at me about wearing Herc’s merchandise.

Hades Says He's Fine

Statues above, catacombs below

If you’re going to build a massive scene for your stars, you’ve got to make sure there are plenty of supporting actors. The side stories that builder Mihai Marius Mihu includes in this work called Medusa’s Lair elevate this from a detailed scene to a multileveled story. The stars of the scene are debatably dependent on elevation but the above-ground scene is the most fleshed out. Maybe “fleshed out” is the wrong turn of phrase for such a stone-filled scene. The carved columns and painted reliefs remain unpilfered, tying in the historical art and architecture to match the thematic characters. A presumable Perseus perches himself at the base of the steps as Medusa makes her way across the patterned precipice. Old foes stand as stone statues while their treasures and trinkets fall to the side to remain untouched. Those that found themselves trapped in their hiding spots now sit as bones, victims of the deadly wildlife or their own hunger.

Medusa's Lair 2/2

Enter the labyrinth…

Miniature Mount Olympus for the world’s smallest gods

If you are going to live high above the earth, looking down on the many millions of us humans on the surface, there can be no better place than Mount Olympus, built in miniature by KitKat1414 featuring some excellent rockwork, and a sparkling river flowing right through the middle, and some lovely light fluffy clouds, a few of which are fittingly made from white croissants.

Mount Olympus

Mars: Bringer of War...and also color coordination

I think I’m not alone in assuming, as a child, that we’d have Mars colonization by the time I was grown. Well, we haven’t even sent manned missions out there yet. But when we get there we’ll inevitably need to shoot stuff. Bob DeQuatre shows us what that could look like with this impressive LEGO Mars Corporation Ares Long-Range Artillery Platform. As you may know, Ares is the Greek god of war and Bob tells us this is Mars Corporation’s deadliest vehicle. He could have called it by its Roman mythological name but that would have been…uh…redundant.


Proving he’s no slouch, Bob also built this Hermes Mobile Command Center in the same striking red and white color scheme. Designed for long-range missions, this vehicle can hold up to six passengers as well as the driver and gunner. This makes sense considering Hermes was the ancient Greek god of trade, wealth, luck, fertility, animal husbandry, sleep, language, thieves,…and travel. Phew, that’s a lot of jobs! We can only assume all those other things are going on onboard as well.


We’re kind of really into Bob’s stuff. Here’s the proof.