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The Rebels don’t stand a chance

May the Fourth may be over, but we saw so many great Star Wars models from LEGO fans that we’re still catching up. Case in point, this awesome Imperial base by Jan, the Creator and Pablo Brickasso. Jan created the base, and unlike a lot of bases we see, this one looks completely accurately scaled to minifigures, with a large landing pad, hangar bay, cargo area, and even some base defenses. The AT-ST is courtesy of Pablo, and it looks like a great minifigure-scale rendition. Meanwhile, the slick TIE Fighter follows instructions from Jerac.

Imperial facility on Er'Kit 2.0 | MayThe4th

Ilum, home to Kyber crystals and Imperials

Poland’s Jan T. has built an icy LEGO recreation of Ilum from Star Wars: Fallen Order and it’s an action-packed stage with a story to tell!


I have to admit I’ve never played the game but this model caught my eye for its boundary-breaking snowy clumps hanging off the edge of the edges of the scene. The stark gray face of the Imperial lair utilizes interesting paneling and some absolutely gorgeous cutaways reveal piping running through the walls. I also love the probe droid floating menacingly nearby.

Not content with only half the action, Jan has also included a backside to the stout Imperial fortress wall complete with an adorable little BD-1 hacking into a security droid.


Need more BD-1 in your life? We shared instructions from one of our favorite builders hachokoru24!