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Statues above, catacombs below

If you’re going to build a massive scene for your stars, you’ve got to make sure there are plenty of supporting actors. The side stories that builder Mihai Marius Mihu includes in this work called Medusa’s Lair elevate this from a detailed scene to a multileveled story. The stars of the scene are debatably dependent on elevation but the above-ground scene is the most fleshed out. Maybe “fleshed out” is the wrong turn of phrase for such a stone-filled scene. The carved columns and painted reliefs remain unpilfered, tying in the historical art and architecture to match the thematic characters. A presumable Perseus perches himself at the base of the steps as Medusa makes her way across the patterned precipice. Old foes stand as stone statues while their treasures and trinkets fall to the side to remain untouched. Those that found themselves trapped in their hiding spots now sit as bones, victims of the deadly wildlife or their own hunger.

Medusa's Lair 2/2

Enter the labyrinth…

It takes guts to build something like this

I have resorted to cheap puns to grab your attention with that title but now that you’re here, you’ve got to admit this is pretty cool. You’re looking at (or looking through) a new LEGO creation by Tino Poutianen called Glass Cerberus. The traditional guardian to the gates of hell is fearsome enough as a three-headed dog but the mythical creature has now seeped into nightmare territory. We’ve seen a lot of gutsy creations lately, what with it being close to Halloween and all. Now if only I could gain this hound’s favor perhaps we can find a favorable end to this post. Who’s a good boy? Who’s a good widdle boy? Just kidding! It all ends in unspeakable horror.

Glass Cerberus