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Intergalactic Telephone Crew: Volume Two

It’s been a while since we covered the fourth of 8 builds from the second round of the Starfighter Telephone Game, or STG, so lets do a recap as we highlight the final build in the series. The STG-2 Beyonder, built by Simon Liu, the spaceship legend himself, made for a super strong finish for the whole game. For those not in the know, the game includes eight builders, passing along a spaceship design that they reimagine and redesign with each subsequent build. As such, the form and function can shift and change in dramatic ways from the first ship to the last. The bright green canopy surrounded by white angular canopy pieces smooth out the cockpit and compliment the triangular shaping achieved with the left and right roof tiles that Simon pulled from the Bone Demon set. Dark grey mock-wings stretch out from the green, white, and blue fuselage while gold tiling on the engines can be seen peeking out from behind the craft. Unfortunately Simon hasn’t provided much of a look at the back. Thankfully, the front is so beautifully built it’s worth appreciating on its own. The greebly, detailed interior of the cockpit feature’s many LEGO fans’ favorite frog piece as this sleek ship’s pilot.

STG-2 Beyonder

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Cloudstone Castle welcomes visitors – bring a sword

Sometimes it’s about the design, sometimes it’s the techniques, sometimes it’s the colour scheme, and then very occasionally there’s a LEGO castle that has it all. Cloudstone Castle is a collaborative build between Joel Tyer and Spartan Bricks, and it’s an excellent addition to the ranks of the larger LEGO castle creations. The texture and detail in the fortifications are nicely done, and a couple of off-grid angled sections prevent the structure from feeling too formulaic. I like the repeated motif of quarter-circle tiles used as decoration on the buildings. The island’s rockwork is detailed without being too busy, framing the castle and providing context rather than distracting the eye from the central subject, and the watery base is very pretty. Tying it all together, the overall colour scheme is well chosen, muted without being miserable, evoking the feel of an overcast day — clouds and stone indeed.

Cloudstone Castle

Take a hike to the Temple of Caerus

Deep in the mountains, on a desolate hillside lies the hidden Temple of Caerus. Luckily LEGO builder Joel Tyer can show us the way. All you really have to do is follow the pathway up the steep stairs built into the curves and slopes of the mountain. Make sure to avoid the guards as you climb higher and higher, up to a height where a few trees small trees cling to life and the more common plants to see are various grasses and moss. While it’s hard to describe it myself, you’ll know it when you see it – a brilliant white temple, rising through the clouds. If your journey is successful, tell them I sent you and they should let you in.

The Temple of Caerus