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Aliens UD-4L Cheyenne Utility Dropship by Havoc

The concept of a dropship has always fired my imagination — especially after seeing Aliens way back when. Havoc seems to share my fascination, as demonstrated by this fantastic rendition of the UD-4L Cheyenne Utility Dropship:

Naturally, the missile pods folder into the dropship’s fuselage:

While we’re at it, here’s Havoc’s Aliens APC. Though it’s not to the same scale as the dropship, it’s still awesome:

Via Klocki.

M577 Aliens APC by Havoc

Aliens remains one of my favorite sci-fi movies, in large part because of the awesome (though mostly futile) hardware the Colonial Marines throw at the aliens. Havoc‘s version of the M577 APC is chock full of awesome:

This bad boy even has a full interior:

(Via Whippersnappers in the Void.)

The Aliens movies have spawned quite a few posts here on The Brothers Brick over the years:

Giger’s Alien brought to life by Arvo

If you thought Arvo’s Chestburster sculpture was awesome, their newest work is just stunningly amazing. The Arvo brothers have created HR Giger’s Alien in its frightening entirety. This magnificent horror sends shivers even down my spine.

We hope Arvo will have more pictures uploaded soon.

EDIT (AB): And thanks to reader Carlos for sending us a link to the Hispalug thread announcing this fantastic new creation! Nannan just got to it before I did. ;-)