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Iain Heath is an avid builder specializing in the "Bricks of Character" style, which he helped define. He has been using LEGO to parody popular culture since 2007, when he created the now infamous Stephen Hawking model. He is a SeaLUG member and regular theme coordinator at BrickCon. For five years he also ran a blog called The Living Brick, that showcased the best character-based LEGO creations from around the world. You can find his irreverent body of work on Flickr.

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Cover photo: November 2015

Whether it’s an encounter between superheroes or a parody of a movie scene, Irish builder Paddy Bricksplitter certainly has a flare for the comical. As evidenced by this invasion of pizza-loving Triffids, which we hope you’ll enjoy seeing atop our social media outlets all month!

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Prepare yourself for a nasty turn

Will this Halloween Week of Wonders never cease? Apparently not! There’s more than meets the eye with these awesome little studs-out Halloween figurines by accomplished young LEGO sculptor Will Ho. Each one has a different mechanical “reveal” – click to watch the video demonstrations. I particularly like the design of the Invisible Man – very clever indeed!

Halloween Monster - Dracula Frankenstein !!!!!!
Halloween Pumpkin Man Halloween monsters - Invisible Man

If you can keep your head, when all about you are losing theirs...

Is it Thursday already? While my neighbors and I begin to appreciate the literal pit of hell that we have dug for ourselves with this year’s haunted house project, I will tear myself away for a moment to bring you some more frightful builds in this, our Halloween-themed Week of Worries Wonders.

For the third wave in his ongoing Blockheads project, Dave Kaleta decided to honor this most unholy of holidays with a set of heads representing popular Halloween characters.

Now someone who could probably make use of one of those heads is the Headless Horseman, rendered here in Bionicle form by Mohamed Marei. Hmmm, another Bioncle-based Halloween creation, you say? I wonder if there’s a contest going on somewhere…

Dressed to kill

Having masqueraded variously as Elmo, Blue Man Group and Marie Antoinette in previous years, I’m a firm believer that costumes are the best thing about Halloween. So in our week-long exploration of the holiday, let’s take a look at a couple!

I’m not sure whether this vamp and vampire by Brothers Brick regular Letranger Absurde are intended to represent costumed party-goers or bona fide members of the Nosferatu, but there is so much to love about this build – from the perfectly proportioned outfits, to the clever part usage, and attention to detail in the dilapidated background.

But what’s better than a LEGO costume you can actually wear? I would happily go trick-or-treating in See Music‘s “mask of horror”, which is constructed entirely from Bionicle pieces and bears more than a passing resemblance to Donnie Darko. Not sure how you’d actually eat the candy in this thing, though!

HispaBrick issue 23 now available [News]

The latest edition of the digital LEGO fan magazine HispaBrick is now available for download in both English and Spanish. In this packed issue, Hispabricks does a retrospective of 7 years of Panzerbricks, talks to LEGO designer Mel Caddick, catches up with the SBrick kickstarter project, reviews a whole slew of new sets, and offers tutorials on building asteroids, trial trucks and WeDo line followers.

The road to hell is paved with gourd intentions

Our pre-Halloween Week of Wonder continues with a couple of fresh perspectives on the humble Jack-o-lantern. Apparently it’s not all headless horseman chasing a bunch of pesky kids and their stupid dog!

First we have the Groundskeeper, a surprisingly helpful “gourd sprite” devised by Bionicle wizard Micah Berkoff. As yard help goes, these things sound pretty economical so I’m definitely gonna have to charm myself one.


Next up is the Pumpkin Diner, a delightfully seasonal addition to Heartlake City dreamt up by Palixa and the Bricks. It comes complete with a fully detailed interior and even a set of costumed Friends!


Week of Wonder ...and Witches ...and Werewolves ...and Wookies

Halloween is less than a week away. For kids, it’s one night of dressing up, trick-or-treating, and gorging on vast amounts of delicious candy. For parents, it’s several frantic weeks of constructing costumes, decorating houses, and avoiding vast amounts of fattening candy. Yes, this holiday really does have something for everyone!

To get into the spirit of the season, we’ll be bringing you the best new Halloween-themed LEGO creations all week, starting with this deviously constructed witch by Serbian builder DjorDje. “Bionicle, Bionicle, toil and trouble…”

And for another fine example of witchcraft (see what I did there?) look no further than this old hag named Henrietta, by teen builder P Squiddy

You can’t make an omelette without bricking a few eggs

According to Indonesian builder Kosmas Santosa, kerak telor (a kind of spicy rice/egg/coconut omelette) is a traditional snack in his home city of Jakarta. It is always freshly prepared, and during the annual Jakarta Fair kerak telor vendors are hard to miss! As part of a local LEGO display celebrating Jakarta’s 488th birthday, Kosmas created this beautiful model of a kerak telor vendor’s cart, complete with ingredients and equipment:

For context, here is a picture of the real thing:

Issue 13 of Blocks magazine out tomorrow [News]

As if the current wave of Star Wars mania wasn’t enough, this month the LEGO force really does awaken in issue 13 of Blocks magazine, available in UK stores October 22nd. The issue features reviews of the hotly anticipated new Star Wars set lineup, as well as a mammoth special feature exploring the top 50 Star Wars LEGO moments, from sets, to MOCs, brickfilms, photography, and much more.

Issue 13 also celebrates the upcoming release of Spectre with some exclusive James Bond themed creations built exclusively for Blocks, takes a look at The Walking Dead in LEGO form, investigates Minecraft, LEGO train building, and Ma.Ktoberfest. All topped off with an exclusive reveal feature of Brick To The Past‘s stunning 2015 historic collaborative LEGO build The Wall.