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Iain Heath is an avid builder specializing in the "Bricks of Character" style, which he helped define. He has been using LEGO to parody popular culture since 2007, when he created the now infamous Stephen Hawking model. He is a SeaLUG member and regular theme coordinator at BrickCon. For five years he also ran a blog called The Living Brick, that showcased the best character-based LEGO creations from around the world. You can find his irreverent body of work on Flickr.

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Red panda, standing by

They’re not really red, nor strictly pandas. But what these little cat-bear-fox-racoons are is totally adorable. And this LEGO version by German builder AnActionFigure captures that in spades. The beautifully curled up tail and body are constructed using simple bricks, which somehow convey a sense of furriness, while more complex parts and techniques are employed to provide detail and expression to the creature’s face. OMG SO MUCH CUTENESS! ಥ‿ಥ

Happy Turkey Day!

The Brothers Brick would like to wish our American readership a very happy Thanksgiving! And like LEGO builder SPARKART!, we hope that all of you will be honoring that most sacred of Thanksgiving traditions, the Mystery Science Theater 3000 Turkey Day marathon. Tune in now! It’s what the Pilgrims would have wanted.

Creations for Charity 24-hour live stream begins this Friday, November 25th [News]

If you’re looking for something more worthwhile to do this Black Friday than wait in line at the shops, the annual Creations for Charity 24-hour live stream presented by Beyond the Brick is taking place starting at 5pm EST. This is an event where LEGO fans from all over the world can join the hosts from Beyond the Brick on air and participate in a variety of LEGO-related activities, all in support of Creations for Charity. This year there will also be some special guests from Billund, Denmark! Whether you want to watch the live stream, participate on air, or pledge a donation, there’s ways for everyone to get involved. Head on over to creationsforcharity.org for more details and to sign up.

Creations for Charity 24 Hour Live Stream Presented by Beyond the Brick

NERDvember 2016: The happiest contest on Earth

It’s November, and that means that our pal Tommy Williamson over at BrickNerd is hosting his annual NERDvember building contest. This year the theme of the contest is Disney, so contestants are encouraged to come up with Disney-inspired versions of the iconic Nerdly character.

We’re already seeing a lot of great entries and some of our favorites are featured below. Get building now, as the contest ends on the 30th and there are some sweet Disney-themed LEGO prizes to be won! And now a word from the Nerd in Chief himself:

Click here to see our favorite NERDvember entries

Issue 26 of Blocks magazine now available [News]

Blocks magazine Issue 26 is already on the coffee tables of subscribers and goes on-sale today at all fine magazine emporiums. To celebrate the return to the wizarding world of Harry Potter as Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them hits cinema screens, Blocks indulges in a trip down memory lane to re-visit every LEGO version of Hogwarts Castle ever released – and combine them into one mega display. In the LEGO Book of Harry Potter, some of the finest LEGO fan builders around work their magic on representing each tale in a series of exclusive vignettes.

LEGO Dimensions producer Mark Warburton talks about bringing the new movie Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them into the gaming multiverse. In “Fantastic Beasts and How to Build Them”, Blocks presents another impressive selection of bespoke LEGO builds, inspired by the various creatures documented by Newt Scamander.

Elsewhere in this issue, LEGO designer Samuel Johnson talks about working on the Ultimate NEXO KNIGHTS range and developing this app-linked theme. The Mod Squad take on CITY and NEXO KNIGHTS volcano sets, to show just what can be achieved when bringing two sets together. The interior design lessons continue in Technique. LEGO Dimensions packs get scrutinised in Review. And there’s a look back at BrickFair Virginia in Month in LEGO.

LEGO Batman Movie 2017 set images revealed [News]

After some tantalizing reveals at San Diego Comic Con and New York Comic Con earlier in the year, official images (including box art) have now emerged revealing most of the LEGO Batman Movie set lineup scheduled to hit shelves in 2017. We’ll relay exact information about pricing, availability, and the sets not already pictured here as it comes to us. These look like great sets that will complement what looks to be a promising movie!

Via The Brick Fan.

70909 Batcave Break-In, 1047 pieces

70908 The Scuttler, 775 pieces

Click here to see all the new sets

TBB cover photo: November 2016

Our monthly cover photo is this rather menacing Bionicle villain, built by Gamma Raay for Rebrick’s recent Makuta challenge. The creation is not only beautifully detailed, but also incorporates many elements from the original Makuta story and Bionicle series. So no wonder it was one of the winning entries!

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Game over

It’s Friday night! And after a long week of toil, some of you will now be kicking back and settling in for a solid 48 hours of video gaming fun. But please remember to get up and move around once in a while, ok? Oh, and eat and drink as well! You don’t wanna end up like this literal die-hard gamer, who’s sad demise is modelled in LEGO for us by Letranger Absurde in this scene entitled “Death by MMO”.

Join the cult, and write for The Brothers Brick! [News]

Want to write for The Brothers Brick? We are currently filling positions for new bloggers. We’re looking for people who are passionate about the LEGO hobby and want to share that passion with the world. If you are an active member of the AFOL community, have an eye for cool LEGO creations, and enjoy talking about all things LEGO, then we’d like to hear from you!

As a TBB Contributor, you will be committing to writing 3-4 posts a week, covering a variety of topics such as news, reviews, and awesome fan creations (including ones you build yourself). You’ll also be representing TBB online and at fan events. The TBB team are all unpaid volunteers, who devote their spare time to make this the most widely-read LEGO fan blog on the web.

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He is afraid, he is alone, he is three million light years from home

Younger readers might be forgiven for mistaking this character as some kind of flesh-covered version of WALL-E (and there are some similiarities between them). But this is in fact ET from the 80’s blockbuster movie ET: The Extra-Terrestrial, recreated in LEGO form by Swedish builder LegoJalex.

This adorable ET model comes complete with a LEGO version of the communicator that he jury-rigs from household items (including a Speak-N-Spell), all beautifully presented in a fully brick-built forest scene. Here is another scene in which ET gets the idea for building a device to “phone home”:

As well as the attention to detail in these completely LEGO-filled backgrounds, what’s also impressive about this creation are the play features. As demonstrated in this video, he has an extending neck, posable limbs and even a light-up heart:

LEGO Othello board

LEGO is a good medium for recreating board games, and over the years we’ve covered brick-built versions of everything from Clue, to Settlers of Catan, and everything in between. Not to mention a plethora of LEGO chess sets, both historical and themed. Now jtheels has recreated one of my personal favorites, Othello. Not only is the LEGO version completely playable and accurate in every detail, the builder has even used it to recreate the original game’s box art!

TBB cover photo: October 2016

Our cover photo for the month is this slick Stargate SG-1 scene from Bavarian builder nameless_member. This little tribute to the classic sci-fi show hits all the bases with its brick-built forced perspective background, cleverly constructed set of transportation rings, and instantly recognizable set of custom minifigs.

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