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Iain Heath is an avid builder specializing in the "Bricks of Character" style, which he helped define. He has been using LEGO to parody popular culture since 2007, when he created the now infamous Stephen Hawking model. He is a SeaLUG member and regular theme coordinator at BrickCon. For five years he also ran a blog called The Living Brick, that showcased the best character-based LEGO creations from around the world. You can find his irreverent body of work on Flickr.

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LEGO Angry Birds movie sets revealed [News]

Get ready to party like it’s 2009, because LEGO has finally revealed details of its April lineup of sets tied to the forthcoming Angry Birds movie. Their new LEGO Angry Birds website includes set names, box art, close-ups and breakdowns of all the play features.

The sets are as follows:

  • 75821 Piggy Car Escape
  • 75822 Piggy Plane Attack
  • 75823 Bird Island Egg Heist
  • 75824 Pig City Teardown
  • 75825 Piggy Pirate Ship
  • 75286 King Pig’s Castle

Click here to see all the entire pig-bliterating lineup!

A room with a view

As a predominantly character-focused builder myself, I have really enjoyed watching prolific Romanian builder Legranger Absurde develop his own distinct brand of small-scale characters over the past few months. His signature style invariably features Mixel eyes, long bangs, and curvaceous females in shoulderless outfits. But it also demonstrates some new clever limb articulation techniques, allowing for wonderful posing. And with his latest creation, the builder has even taken a crack at building a detailed scene around one of these figures:

I feel remiss in not having featured more of these delightful characters here before. So click below the fold for a gallery of previous examples of this builder’s recent work…

Click here to see the gallery

The game has changed

What the 2010 movie sequel TRON: Legacy lacked in terms of story, character development, and avoiding the Uncanny Valley, it more than made up for visually – thanks to the design sense of architecturally-trained director Joseph Kosinski. And while we have seen plenty of LEGO interpretations of the iconic vehicles and characters from both TRON movies, Joe Perez has created the most curve-licious LEGO light cycle to date, at a scale I would never have imagined possible. Breathtaking…

I am Cornholio, and I need TP for my bung-hole!

Back when MTV was still a thing, a prophetic documentarian named Mike Judge introduced Generation Y with a new set of role models, in the form of two hopeless morons named Beavis and Butthead. Fans of the show will no doubt recognize Beavis’ sugar-induced alter ego Cornholio, hilariously recreated here in LEGO by TBB favorite Jimmy Fortel. Heh heh, heh… ARE YOU THREATENING ME?

TBB cover photo: January 2016

Happy new year! We hope January 1st finds you lying in a giant champagne stain, with a pounding headache and bits of confetti stuck in your hair. And that your New Years resolution will be to never do anything like that again …well, until next December 31st. And as it’s a fresh new month, we have an itsy-bitsy teeny-weeny super creepy-crawly new cover photo for you, courtesy of David Hensel.

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The annual Doctor Who Christmas Special seems to have become a new part of the holiday tradition for millions of families around the world. Which is a good thing as I think we were all getting tired of endlessly watching Jimmy Stewart discover his contribution to the world in black and white. So this festive foe by Jimmy Fortel makes perfect sense…

Naughty but nice part usage

If your eggnog tastes a little bit like pee this Christmas, then it’s possible you’ve been visited by a bad elf, such as the one portrayed here by TBB regular Letranger Absurde. But as naughty as this little fellow may appear, he’s a festive treat of NPU (Nice Part Usage) for LEGO fans: from the Jabba tail hat, and bucket handle belt buckle, down to the wing-end brick boot tops …and those eyebrows!

That’s what Christmas is all about, Charlie Brown

Confused about the true meaning of Christmas? Wondering if it’s all become too over-commercialized? Well these aren’t new thoughts, and you’re not alone. Fifty years ago this year, the Charlie Brown Christmas TV special first aired, featuring a seasonally depressed Charlie trying to make sense of it all – and picking a sad little tree that perfectly reflected his state of mind, recreated for us in LEGO here by Chris Maddison.

Charlie Brown eventually learns the true meaning of the holiday. And in his own way, he even helped make Christmas a little better for all of us… Aluminum trees had become popular in the US at that time, but were portrayed so negatively in the TV special that within two years they were no longer being produced.

And a partridge in a pear tree

Celebrating that most famous of Christmas songs, deborah higden created this set of LEGO book ends (complete with brick-built books) that converts into a gorgeous diorama depicting the various gifts that my true love sent to me over the Twelve Days of Christmas – from French hens, to five gold rings (for five Elven lords?), plus other items in various states of disrepair (very relevant in this age of Internet-based shopping!). You can enjoy closeup photos of every one in the full album.

Issue 15 of Blocks magazine out tomorrow [News]

Coinciding perfectly with the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, the latest issue of Blocks will arrive in stores this Thursday 17th December. To celebrate, Blocks has assembled the best builders in the galaxy to construct seven iconic Star Wars scenes, takes a look at the Star Wars Battle Figures, and compares Darth Vaders new and old in a showdown of galactic proportions! All topped off by an exclusive interview with Michael Price, the mind behind the LEGO Star Wars series Droid Tales.

In this issue you can also find out how LEGO is being used with prosthetic limbs to improve the lives of child amputees, how Britain’s most outspoken toy retailer is preparing for the Christmas season, how to bring your minifigures to life, and why not every LEGO set is a solid investment. Animation expert Steve Guinness also wraps up his Italian Job project, while David Kresse shows you how to motorize your Technic MOCs.

Droid Wars: The GONK Awakens

You probably don’t need to be a particularly die-hard Star Wars fan to recognize this LEGO creation by Ethan Marak as being GONK, a cute shambling droid that appeared in the original 1977 Star Wars movie A New Hope. And while the planet is going crazy over the shiny new spherical droid BB-8 from The Force Awakens, some of you no doubt still hold a place in your heart for GONK. Which is why you’ll be happy to know that GONK appears in the new movie! (oh crap, erm… spoiler alert?)

Don’t believe me? Well now you have a choice: Take a peek at the not-very-spoilery photographic evidence, or spend the entire movie trying to spot it yourself!