Official trailer for Brick MADNESS released [Video]

Blare Media has finally revealed the full trailer for it’s brick-themed mocumentary Brick MADNESS. The film pits an underdog “Brix” builder against an arrogant long-time champion in a battle to build his way to not only fame, but redemption. The PG-13 rated film premieres on September 8th.

“IN A WORLD… without LEGO, Cedric Donovan, a critically acclaimed documentary filmmaker, is our tour guide as we delve deep in to the world of Brix. This is a world dominated by two titans of personality and success. The Godfather of Brix, Max Grand, is the 7-time champion and most famous competitive brick builder of all time. Unfortunately, he had his career cut tragically short when he was accused of “gluing”. There to pick up the torch was Ricky 6. He is brash, arrogant and extremely successful, having won 6 tournaments since Max Grand played his last. Cut in to Seth Paxson, a young hero with a heart of gold who has to save his charity from the clutches of deceit.”

Brick MADNESS is the culmination of 8 years of tireless work to make a film that not only captures the spirit of the massive LEGO subculture, but dramatizes it into a hilarious film that is both funny and heartwarming. It delves into the world of brick building with a sly sense of humor and an exceedingly curious approach to what, how and why these people build what they do. By mixing real-life brick builders and actual LEGO conventions into the fictitious world of competitive creation tournaments, Brick MADNESS is able to have fantastically funny scenes alongside genuine moments between real builders. Not only are the participants authentic but they lend a credibility to the story that mockumentaries rarely have the chance to attain.

The film uses the mockumentary format to full advantage by creating a realistic world of camera, lighting, sound and editing choices where every point of view is motivated and earned. It is this attention to detail that helps the story rise above typical mockumentary fare that merely uses the device for a few obvious jokes and a looser style, but doesn’t seek to transcend those borders and deliver something truly memorable.

Interestingly, many of the brick-built models seen in the movie were designed by Carl Merriam, a former LEGO fan who we interviewed in June and who now works as a LEGO set designer at LEGO’s headquarters in Billund, Denmark.

9 comments on “Official trailer for Brick MADNESS released [Video]

  1. Brick MADNESS

    BUSTIN and MANUEL OLMEDO – This is totally a real thing. The movie is finished and will be distributed within the next couple of months. Hopefully it will be on Netflix or another streaming service. It will also be played at Brick Conventions nationwide.

    THE ANONYMOUS HUTT – This movie is kid friendly and has a unofficial PG/PG13 rating. It is made more for AFOL than kids under 10 though because most of the jokes would go over a 9 year old’s head. I’m 38, and most of my friends are in their 30s. We wanted to make a movie that would appeal to us that would also be about LEGO and also be kid-friendly. But not kid-centric.

  2. The Anonymous Hutt

    @Brick Madness

    So is it kid friendly or not? A PG-13 rating is not kid friendly, but yet you say it is kid friendly…I am simply confused. :P

  3. Brick MADNESS

    That’s up to each individual parent I suppose. There is no sex, drugs, or violence of any kind. There is a bit of cussing, but no f-bombs. It’s hard to keep adults talking like adults through trying situations and have them not say “s***” a few times without sounding silly. If I had a 10 year old, I would have no problem with them watching it.

  4. The Anonymous Hutt

    @Brick Madness

    I understand that, but I don’t understand that. Cussing or any profanity of any sort is NEVER necessary in a film, and usually not in real life. I’m sorry, but if it does indeed have words such as described above, I will not be watching the film.

    But, I do appreciate the lack of anything else that would make the film PG-13. Hard to find something without these days…

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