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Colossal Castle Contest 2008 Winners! [News]

This week Classic Castle announced the winners of their huge annual contest! The quality of the entries grows every year, but this year they seemed to really blossom. Quite a few of these have been featured already. But here they are, all in one spot, for your viewing pleasure.

Knight by Bluesecrets

Double Trouble by Hippotam

Life for a King by Crises

Haunted Castle:
Tower of Torment by Tyler

Estrelaron by SlyOwl

Secret Hideout:
The Empty Barrel by Tom Snellan

Crime and Punishment:
Slaver’s Lucky Day? by Michal H.

Custom Figure:
Bishop by Armothe

Market Madness by Rock Adams

Herenbosch by Sebastiaan Arts

Congratulations to all the winners!

The sweet sounds of Michael Jasper’s musical instruments

Michael Jasper showcased some cool string bass and saxophone designs played by his Some Like it Hot characters last week, but he’s just added some more amazing musical instrument designs.

Not only do these Scotsmen carry ingenious bagpipes, but they’re also wearing kilts (made from minifig torsos):

This design for an electric guitar rocks my world:

Rock on, Michael Jasper, rock on.

From concept through execution at Jackson Fish Market

It’s not often I look at a LEGO creation, go off to read more about it, and then come back and find that my appreciation for the work has grown. Even as a writer, I’ll admit that words rarely add anything to a LEGO creation for me.

Not so with this scene by Hillel Cooperman from Jackson Fish Market:

Hillel built this as a second-anniversary gift for his startup’s partners, using the restricted palette in LEGO Digital Designer.

The simplicity of the overall design hides some very cool conceptual details, like each person performing symbolic work on a representation of the first website they built, a virtual flower gift site called They’re Beautiful!

Head on over to Cooperman Brick Foundry to read more.

Filling in the gaps of Medieval Market

Huw Millington expands his 10193 Medieval Market Villageicon set to include a full town square layout. The construction isn’t overly complex, but the effect is gorgeous. You can build your own with a baseplate and some additional plates to simulate the water, grass, and paved stones. Everything else is included in the set!