Mister Zumbi + Hellboy = Wicked Awesome

We love Adam Grabowski‘s vehicles, minifigs, and, oh, pretty much everything he does, but this Hellboy sculpture is an interesting departure. I suspect Mike Mignola would be proud.

Via Klocki. And don’t miss Jordan’s custom minifig from last year.

5 comments on “Mister Zumbi + Hellboy = Wicked Awesome

  1. EJ Nichols

    WhenI saw this the other day I thought, “now this is so damned awesome!” I really think this build catches the grittiness of Mignola’s unique visual style. I’m not usually a big fan of Lego sculptures, but his one is just outstanding.

  2. polywen

    I showed this to Mike Mignola and he said, “I guess you know you’ve made it when somebody does your guy in Legos.”

  3. Puddleglum

    Further proof that the cheese slope is the single greatest part LEGO has created in the last five years.

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