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What a lovely spot for a hideout

When you want to hide out from the law, a mindless horde of the undead, or your distant relations ready to help empty out your larder uninvited, I can think of no more pleasant location than the woods beside a gentle stream. This scene by Ids de Jong of a wonderfully detailed forest hideout among the fall-colored trees is a perfect example. While the building may have seen better days, the weathered walls, with tree branches intertwined, keeps you well hidden from passing eyes. And a stream for fishing and deep woods for hunting game make it a perfect place to lay low.

Forest hideout

Look at this terrifying LEGO deer. Or, on second thought, don’t

A lot has changed since the Black Falcons first appeared in LEGO canon. There have been a lot of new parts introduced, and minifigures have become a lot more expressive. Both are ably demonstrated by Ids de Jong here. The terrified faces combined with those helmets give a definite Monty Python “run away! run away!” vibe. And they’re right to be bricking it: Ids has created something rather unsettling called a Hirska. No big deal, just an all-seeing, oversized deer that apparently doesn’t take kindly to being looked at the wrong way. Or being looked at at all, for that matter. You know what, why don’t we all admire the quaint tree and rockwork instead? I don’t fancy adding ‘running scared from a deer demi-God’ to my personal repertoire of facial expressions any time soon…


Black Hollow

César Soares is the mastermind behind this lovely medieval village. I really like how each of the houses is distinct but fit together so well. Also, while I normally don’t like borders, it actually works really well her, as it highlights the absence of straight lines elsewhere in the build. I like it. I really do.

Black Hollow

Totally Floored

Henry F. (AKA Dubbadgrim) has risen from the dead and created this hilarious little scene. I love the effect of the creature bursting through the floor! It’s really extremely well-done.

CCCXII - The Necromancer's Bad Day

Colossal Castle Contest: Weekend Edition

Thanksgiving’s around the corner, and around these parts, that means Classic-Castle‘s annual Colossal Castle Contest is well underway. There are plenty of fantastic entries, and I want to highlight a few that caught my eye!

Justin M‘s Order of the Bull

CCCXI: The Order of the Bull (main)

Lego_Fan‘s Coast of Northern Lake


Gary^The^Procrastinator‘s Go Where No One Else Will Go

Go Where No One Else Will Go, Overview, CCCXI Secret Hideout Entry

David Hensel‘s Crow’s Nest


The contest runs through December 31, 2013, so get building!

Announcing the 11th Annual Colossal Castle Contest!

For the eleventh straight year, the good folks over at Classic Castle are bringing you the biggest Castle event of the season! Prizes include vintage sets, custom items, books, new sets and a mystery prize. Check out the categories and show off your medieval building skills. Compete against the best for the title of Master Builder!

The Colossal Castle Contest X Winners have been Announced!

The tenth year of the CCC was a big one! We had over 400 entries and many of the honorable-mentions would have been winners in previous years. Check out winners and enjoy some Castle-Greatness!

Here are some of my favorites among the winners:

Best Castle – Ras al Jabar by Fianat

Best Winter Scene – And the Band Played On by SlyOwl

Best Misc. – Visit by LolinoLL

The Master Builder will announced as soon as we can figure out who wins. It is an extremely close race.

The 10th Annual Colossal Castle Contest has begun!

The Colossal Castle Contest is one of the longest running Lego fan contests in history, if not the longest, and it is celebrating its tenth year! There are a plethora of prizes, including vintage sets, books from No Starch Press and Skyhorse Publishing, as well as custom products from altBricks, BrickArms and BrickWarriors.

The categories cover a wide range of subjects, sizes and building styles. If you have never entered before, get over to Classic Castle, get registered and get BUILDING!

Colossal Castle Contest IX Roundup

There were a ton of simply amazing entries this year into Classic-Castle‘s annual contest. I tell myself each year I’m going to blog all of my favorites, and every year there are so many I fall drastically behind.

But! For your viewing pleasure, some of my favorites. I’m so glad I’m not judging.

In no particular order:

Fiant’s Lord of the North:

Koffiemoc‘s Maison de la Motte

Shmail‘s San Kastel

Noah McClung‘s Operation “Chimney Sweep”

Lolino‘s Secret of the Holy Grail

Jovian (Steve Vargo)’s Enchanted Waters

Enchanted waters 05

busboy489’s Castle New Hope

Stormbringer’s Frost Dragon Attack from Skyrim

Colossal Castle Contest: Deadline Approaching!

Classic-Castle‘s Colossal Castle Contest is still underway–at least, until December 31 at 11:59pm EST. That means you’ve got a little over a day and a half to get your entries submitted! Check out Classic-Castle for the rules, categories, and prizes!

Colossal Castle Contest: Three Weeks Left!

Just under three weeks remain for Classic-Castle‘s Colossal Castle Contest. Check out Classic-Castle for the rules, categories, and prizes!

Knight’s Quest for the Colossal Castle Contest

It’s two weeks in, and the entries so far for Classic-Castle‘s annual contest are just superb. I do not envy the judges. This particular one by Stefan (busboy489) caught my eye, and I just had to share it. The details in each scene are exquisite. I invite you to check each one out!