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Colossal Castle Contest IX has arrived! [News]

The end of October has once again brought us Classic-Castle‘s annual building event of epic proportions!

Now in its ninth year, I invite you to check out the past years winners, this year’s categories, and get your build on.

The contest runs from November 1 to December 31, with twelve categories designed to fit everyone’s building preference and collection size. Check them out! You’ll find all of the rules, categories, and prizes here.

Colossal Castle Contest VIII is here! [News]

Classic Castle’s annual medieval extravaganza is upon us!

Lego Colossal Castle Contest

This is the eighth year this contest has been run and the entries have grown in quality and quantity every year. The contest runs from November 1st to December 31st and features 11 categories. As an added bonus, the builder who scores the highest in at least six categories will be named Classic Castle’s Master Builder and recieve a special prize. Check out the contest Rules, the Categories and Prizes and get building!

Colossal Castle Contest Winners Announced! [News]

The Classic-Castle Admins have finished the judging and announced the results! Check out the winners. There are some excellent castle creations there. If you need more Castle goodness, take a peek at all the entries. While there were less entries this year, the quality seems to continue to rise. I can tell you, it was hard to judging this year.

The Colossal Castle Contest has begun [News]

LEGO Castle Contest

Now in its seventh year, the massive multi-category contest, run annually by Classic-Castle has gone live.

Categories include Technological Advances, Alternate Sets, Medieval Mariner, Outlaw Escape, Eastern Medieval Life, Religous Life, Knight’s Training, Custom Castle Figure, Brick Castles, Fantasy Castles and Misc. The prizes are quite impressive, including vintage Castle sets, new sets, older MISB set, custom accessories and more. So get out there and get medieval!

Sean Kenney’s colossal LEGO Nintendo DSi is 7 feet wide and weighs 250 lbs

LEGO Certified Professional Sean Kenney was recently commissioned to create a larger-than-life sculpture of the forthcoming Nintendo DSi — yes, that’s Sean peeking out from behind the DSi:

Giant LEGO Nintendo DSi

The big blue DS is nearly 7 feet wide, weighs 250 pounds, and was built from 51,324 LEGO elements.

Watch how this amazing sculpture came together in this video:

To see more pictures, check out Sean Kenney’s website and Sean’s MOCpages. You can also see Sean’s Nintendo DSi in person at the Nintendo World Store in New York City.

Colossal Castle Contest 2008 Winners! [News]

This week Classic Castle announced the winners of their huge annual contest! The quality of the entries grows every year, but this year they seemed to really blossom. Quite a few of these have been featured already. But here they are, all in one spot, for your viewing pleasure.

Knight by Bluesecrets

Double Trouble by Hippotam

Life for a King by Crises

Haunted Castle:
Tower of Torment by Tyler

Estrelaron by SlyOwl

Secret Hideout:
The Empty Barrel by Tom Snellan

Crime and Punishment:
Slaver’s Lucky Day? by Michal H.

Custom Figure:
Bishop by Armothe

Market Madness by Rock Adams

Herenbosch by Sebastiaan Arts

Congratulations to all the winners!

Entry form now open for the Colossal Castle Contest VI [News]

Classic-Castle.com was having a few technical difficulties, but they’ve now been resolved and the Colossal Castle Contest VI entry form is now open.

Not to discourage anybody from entering, but my money’s on Tom Snellen:

If you’ve built something for the contest, don’t forget to read the rules and submit your entry.

Colossal Castle Contest VI Announced! [News]

Classic Castle has announced their annual contest and it looks incredible this year! Categories are made up of medieval-themed vignettes, Castles, Seige scenes, Custom figures, and more. The prizes include new sets, old sets, and custom items!

So get out your Castle Lego and get building!

Colossal Castle Contest V has been announced!

Hey all you castle-lovers out there!

Classic-Castle has announced their fifth annual Colossal Castle Contest! Let me tell you, these are a blast. I’ve entered every year and they just keep getting better and better.

Check out the prizes and the rules, then get building!

News: Colossal Castle Contest IV announced!

The Colossal Castle Contest IV has been announced on Classic-Castle.com! Looks like there are great categories and excellent prizes.

Check out the Announcement thread on CC.

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