Colossal Castle Contest 2008 Winners! [News]

This week Classic Castle announced the winners of their huge annual contest! The quality of the entries grows every year, but this year they seemed to really blossom. Quite a few of these have been featured already. But here they are, all in one spot, for your viewing pleasure.

Knight by Bluesecrets

Double Trouble by Hippotam

Life for a King by Crises

Haunted Castle:
Tower of Torment by Tyler

Estrelaron by SlyOwl

Secret Hideout:
The Empty Barrel by Tom Snellan

Crime and Punishment:
Slaver’s Lucky Day? by Michal H.

Custom Figure:
Bishop by Armothe

Market Madness by Rock Adams

Herenbosch by Sebastiaan Arts

Congratulations to all the winners!

4 comments on “Colossal Castle Contest 2008 Winners! [News]

  1. Fred

    Crime and Punishment inspires me to build at an angle. love the little nooks in there. Great job by all!

  2. Josh Post author

    @Fred – Glad to hear that you were so inspired! One clarification though. Crime and Punishment is the category. “Slaver’s Lucky Day?” was the name of the winning entry.

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