Colorful steampunk by draugaer

Like ApocaLEGO, steampunk creations have a fairly standard color scheme. You see brown, black, and gray and it’s safe to assume, “Oh. That’s steampunk (or ApocaLEGO).”

Draugaer illustrates that the Victorians who inspired our conception of steampunk probably had a can or two of paint lying around…

2 comments on “Colorful steampunk by draugaer

  1. Motor.On

    I really like the addition of color.

    Not these colors specifically, but the addition of color in general.

    Monochrome is cool, but it’s somewhat of a cop-out (I use primarily monochrome, so that’s not a complaint). Adding color requires boldness and a plan that monochrome simply doesn’t. Kudos for stepping away from the mold.

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