Monthly Archives: February 2008

Belated Jedi Steamfighter by Zach Clapsadle

You know how it goes. You build something for a contest, but you don’t get around to finishing it on time or taking pictures. Well, in the case of Zach Clapsadle‘s Jedi Steamfighter, the lateness doesn’t detract from the awesomeness.

Zach says he wanted to create a complete hyperdrive ring. Yowza! Let’s hope he comes back to this project and does that.

Something wicked this way rolls

Sweet unholy hell. When MisterZumbi does something for the first time, he does it with a bang — like a backfiring hotrod.

For someone who’s never built anything larger than minifig-scale, this is quite the first. The level of detail in MisterZumbi’s “Road Zombie” is unbelievable. Click the pic to check out the engine, the interior, and other tidbits of heavy metal goodness.

(Via Klocki.)

Spinning threads of death through lives of mortal men

Harrison (aka “Corran101”) submits four epic entries to the CC vig contest — vignettes inspired by Homer’s Odyssey.

Our hero Odysseus has many adventures. In no particular order (go read the book!), he battles the sea monsters Scylla and Charybdis, rides a sheep out of a cave, does a bit of feasting with Circe, and fires an arrow through some axe handles.

Check out more pics in Harrison’s photoset on Flickr.