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“He’s a demon on wheels”

The MACH 5 never looked as good as it does in the capable hands of TBB rookie Clayton Marchetti. The only thing missing is Spritle and Chim-Chim stowing away in the trunk. If you’re a fan of Speed Racer make sure you check out the rest of the photos on MOCpages, Clayton has included all the features you know and love from the famous car like buzz-saws and springs.


Toy Fair 2008 reveals late 2008 LEGO sets [News]

Toy Fair 2008 is approaching and there have been pictures of the late 2008 sets circulating on the web. I found Joe Meno with some of the first pictures of themes including Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Speed Racer, Bionicle, and Batman.

Update (AB): Ace Kim also has extensive pictures from Toy Fair 2008, nicely organized into photosets with lots of great details — prices, release dates, etc.:

Can’t wait for the rumored Speed Racer LEGO sets in 2008?

Mike Psiaki staves off the restive masses yearning for the as-yet-unconfirmed Speed Racer sets next year with this great little Mach 5, complete with Speed Racer and Chim Chim.

UPDATE: The entire line of LEGO Speed Racer sets are now available from the LEGO Shop: