Buy LEGO: Speed Racer sets now available from LEGO Shop

The four new LEGO Speed Racer sets are now available from The LEGO Shop online.

Here’s 8158 Speed Racer & Snake Oilericon:


8160 Cruncher Block & Racer Xicon and 8159 Racer X & Taejo Togokhan:icon

iconicon iconicon

Finally, the big set of the bunch, 8161 Grand Prix Race:icon


14 comments on “Buy LEGO: Speed Racer sets now available from LEGO Shop

  1. Potsticker

    They just showed up at a local Lego Store for me, too. I picked up Crusher Block & Racer X and it’s pretty neat, though after it was built I almost immediately started building a better trailer. The tractor and Racer X’s car are both super sweet, though.

    Almost picked up Grand Prix, too, but that’ll have to wait until next time I hit the store.

  2. Jai

    If nothing else, I am glad that they’re once again producing monkeys.

    Does that Crusher Block trailer seriously not have a roof / side wall / rear wall (Well, door)? Wait, I take that back. On further inspection, it looks like the side wall it does have is also mostly empty air; nor is there a wall to the front of the trailer. I don’t get it.

  3. Jai

    Because they didn’t want to create a new helmet piece, and using the aviator’s cap piece wouldn’t look enough like a race helmet? I dunno.

  4. unckledaddie

    Saw them all at TRU in Culver City, CA today. Looking pretty sweet. Will probably scoop them up this w/e.

  5. Keith Melton


    Mario? Not hardly. That is Speed Racer’s father who predates a certain plumber by many MANY years.

  6. theestampede

    @ Jai: I see no reason that they couldnt use a white aviator cap w a clear blue visor

  7. Ramone

    Keith Melton, but still, if one were to make a Mario diorama, this would be the ideal minifig. Yes?

  8. morinol

    Didn’t anyone notice the hot pit-babe in the big set? Mario is waving at her. Does that terrific dress appear in other sets?

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