Cops and robbers

LUGPol‘s recent contest is about cops and robbers. Check out Noddy‘s depiction of a police raid gone wrong. Now the bad guys have triumphed, leaving the good guys all tied up in an awkward position.

Via Klocki

2 comments on “Cops and robbers

  1. wusmand

    LOL, when the two cops are tied up, the red haired one likes it, and awsome truck design, i want one!

  2. V1


    It is nice for me to see it here, thank You.
    It was no ‘police raid gone wrong’. Everything was planned. It was one of the thieves dressed as a policeman, who ordered the truck to turn onto the service road. In one of the last scenes he can be seen with the uniform thrown away, jumping onto the pick-up.
    The armored truck is supposed to belong to the bank.
    The plan I wrote for the contest is long and complex, I’m not able to translate it well :)

    V1 (Noddy on brickshelf)

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