Gargantuan dioramas

Wilson Raska displays two enormous dioramas on Brickshelf for the first time. The first is called the Crown of Asgard, depicting what looks like the landing of a fantasy-tech flying craft on a clearing by the cliffs. The most studding feature of this creation in my opinion is the dynamic crafting of the cliffs.

Next up is the Tauros Military Outpost. While the creation my appear as chaotic from the scattering of the light gray and dark gray bricks, what’s noteworthy is the overall structure of the work, which depicts an elaborate system of stone balconies.

4 comments on “Gargantuan dioramas

  1. Dez

    Dude, that outpost has been around forever, I thought all the pictures had been lost. Possibly my favorite castle MOC of all time.

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