Toy Fair 2008 reveals late 2008 LEGO sets [News]

Toy Fair 2008 is approaching and there have been pictures of the late 2008 sets circulating on the web. I found Joe Meno with some of the first pictures of themes including Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Speed Racer, Bionicle, and Batman.

Update (AB): Ace Kim also has extensive pictures from Toy Fair 2008, nicely organized into photosets with lots of great details — prices, release dates, etc.:

18 comments on “Toy Fair 2008 reveals late 2008 LEGO sets [News]

  1. David

    Thank God they fixed the Indiana Jones base, it looks a lot better than the first pictures.

    The rest of the IJ sets look good, the $10 set is awesome.

    Speaking of IJ sets, the first wave is 20% off TRU’s higher prices this week.

    The Batman sets suck, the minifigures are awesome, but the sets are terrible. What is with The Penguin being able to breathe underwater?

  2. curtis

    I’m just so happy they are remaking the Gunship. I never bought one of those, and now it’s impossible to find one for a fair price these days. I’m also excited for the AT-TE remake, I do have the first AT-TE, it was a great set, but this new one looks so much better! Maybe I’ll be able to convert the old AT-TE into the new one with a few extra pieces. Anyway, I’ll definately be dishing out $90 bucks for the AT-TE and $120 for the Gunship (maybe two of those, I’d like to make the shark nose one, that was so tight).

  3. curtis

    Oh yeah, when do these sets actually come out? Why is the Rogue Shadow included with these? It’s already out.

  4. David

    They show sets that come out this year, some of them can already be out.

    And if you look at some of the pictures closely they have the date and price on them. The Clone Wars sets should be out in Julyish, maybe August at the latest.

  5. Dunechaser

    For those of you following comments via e-mail or RSS, I’ve just added links to Ace Kim’s photos, which include some of the details you were asking about (including prices and release dates).

  6. Dasnewten

    Well it’s right around my birthday…and well you have more of an excuse to “treat yourself” at that time.

  7. John k

    Overall, I have mixed feelings about 2008. They have some good sets this year,(especially star wars and that agents line) but i kinda think they runed bionicle and some star wars characters look too..cartoony. even so i like some of the pices there and am looking forward to them.

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