Lament for Innocence

My latest work is a rather grisly one, though it is not wholly intended to appeal in that manner. Take a look at the accompanying writing and you’ll see that there’s another layer of meaning, and a very personal one, to this creation. I present Lament for Innocence.

9 comments on “Lament for Innocence

  1. Sibley

    Holy crap, Nannan, this is weird and creepy. The write-up was great! Also, the pile of 1 x 1 plates is a surprisingly striking effect.

  2. hamilton

    i love every detail, except the babies..
    though i have never liked the design of x4cx02 or x4cx01.
    i probably would have the MOC more if you had used a flock of x251 instead…. hehehe
    but as always, an awesome and inspiring MOC from Nannan.

  3. wusmand

    “They luer you in with fugdge, and then they latch you in a room with a thug. Then you are surrounded by brown babies, Oh no, you’re a dead lady!

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