Alex Eylar pushes up some daisies

Alex Eylar (Flickr) has captured several scenes from one of my favorite new TV shows, “Pushing Daisies.”

Click the pics to check out all of the great creations in this series.

8 comments on “Alex Eylar pushes up some daisies

  1. David

    Have you ever watched Dead Like Me? Pushing Daisies is actually an idea he was going to use of Dead Like Me, but left the show before he could.

  2. Alex Eylar

    Dead Like Me and Pushing Daises are, by a wide margin, two of the best shows in TV history. I’d love to see a conversation between Rube and the Piemaker.

  3. Tekjock

    Pushing Daisies is also on of my fav shows. I was checking for some of the shows I like and allot were canceled, luckily this was not one of them.

  4. David

    No Pushing Daisies got a full season order, but then the strike happened and the full season order was canceled.

    However it has been picked up for a second season. I still like Dead Like Me MUCH better, the cuteness level of Pushing Daisies drives me insane at times, but it has grown on me and is a very different take on investigative shows.

  5. Ty

    Oh… so it’s a new head… cool! I just saw the same one on brickshelf. It looks like it’s also going to come in the New Castle Battle Packs this year.

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