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News: Nathan Sawaya on The Colbert Report tonight

Brick artist Nathan Sawaya will be on The Colbert Report tonight. Nathan is best known for his sculptures and mosaics, one of which he built during a taping of The Late Show with David Letterman a while ago. Perhaps Nathan will build something like this tonight:

(By MySpacer Laura M.)

See more Colbert-inspired LEGO creations (including one of my own) at

EDIT: You can view a clip of the show on Thanks for the link, Bryce!

Hotel in Japanese is ホテル

Lettering in LEGO is a challenge. Although the possibilities of lettering in Roman/Latin lettering have been explored rather well, especially by LEGO train fans, it’s rare to see lettering in other scripts, such as Japanese.

Brickshelfer Sonix has changed the “HOTEL” sign in 10182 Cafe Corner to ホテル, which is how you write “Hotel” in Japanese (via Brick Town Talk):

While we’re at it, Sugegasa spells out “Nitro” (ニトロ) — a fitting name for his grill: