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A brick celebration of sci-fi designer Syd Mead 1933-2019

Syd Mead, the designer behind the iconic look of Blade Runner amongst other movies, has died aged 86. Chances are, if you’re into sci-fi and LEGO then you’ll have tried to recreate one of his famous designs — The USS Sulaco from Aliens, the light-cycles from Tron, Johnny 5 from Short Circuit, or this, the famous Police Spinner from Blade Runner.

Blade Runner Spinner

Click to see a selection of LEGO models inspired by Syd Mead’s work

Star Wars meets Tron meets classic 70s sci-fi art in this awesome reinterpretation of the Nebulon B

Some LEGO contests begin with improbable premises, and in the case of Grid Wars, that means building a Star Wars vehicle in the TRON aesthetic. Many builders would struggle, but the theme plays to Shannon Sproule‘s strengths. I’ve followed his work for many years now, long ago falling in love with his ability to capture the complex, often asymmetric beauty, of classic 1970s science fiction illustration.

File Recovery Bus (Nebulon B)

In this case, his take on the Nebulon B escort Frigate results in a bold turquoise splash of abstract brilliance. Tapping into the original design’s unorthodox form, he imposes some dramatic angles and bold colours. Part spaceship, part Kandinsky painting, its an amazing testimony to what science fiction art can be.

File Recovery Bus (Nebulon B)

Upgrade your Tron lightcycles to add cool movement [Video]

Builder Jason Allemann, (aka JK Brickworks) has made a name for himself building kinetic LEGO sculptures, from Sisyphus eternally pushing a boulder to a ball maze that was turned into a real LEGO set, or even a tense Death Star trench run. But now he’s turned his hand to the new 21314 Tron: Legacy set to give it a bit of dynamism, making the lightcycles bob and weave as they cut their way across the grid.

What we love about Jason, though, is that he’s never content to simply show off something cool and leave us wondering how he did it. Instead, with every build he walks us through the steps of how his mechanisms work. Check out the video below.

Click to see the video and discover how they’re built

Tron Legacy Battle Mechs

One of the latest sets from the LEGO Ideas product line, 21314 Tron: Legacy is a pretty great set, based on a pretty good sequel (my opinion is probably controversial). But if light cycles aren’t really your thing, Chak hei Mok has put together an awesome display of two fighting mechs using the same color scheme and a selection of choice parts from the official set.

TRON - Warfighter Mech

There are so many great details to call attention to. The black pointed shield pieces provide some excellent angles, those rims from the Speed Champion line as engine vents on the back of the legs, and those black silver bars add just the right amount of detail. Best of all, these mechs fit the minifigures from the set, and look great doing battle over the alternate configuration of the stand from the set.

TRON - Warfighter Mech

Tripping the light fantastic with this Tron cycle

Hot on the heels of the official duo of cycles from Tron: LegacyFictitious Pasta brings us this epic microscale version of the bike from the original Tron film. The simple setting with scattered rocks and a gleaming light streak is perfect for the digital frontier. And in a twist that seems particularly appropriate, this model exists only in digital form, as the scene is an excellent CGI render.

........I got In

This model may be tiny, but don’t miss the excellent large-scale version of the same vintage Tron bike we also featured recently.

LEGO Ideas 21314 Tron: Legacy available now [News]

Last week we reviewed the latest LEGO Ideas set, 21314 Tron: Legacy. The set launches on March 31st, and is available now from the LEGO Shop online ($34.99 US | £29.99 | $44.99 CAD).

The new set includes two light cycles, three minifigures — Sam Flynn, Quorra and Rinzler — with a total of 230 pieces. You can learn more about the set in our hands-on Tron review.

Cruise virtual worlds in the LEGO Tron Vintage Light Cycle

Like the upcoming LEGO Ideas Light Cycles set, Joe Perez drew inspiration from Tron: Legacy and constructed a beautifully contoured LEGO rendition of the vintage Light Cycle from the original Tron. Great care for the detail and forms of the classic vehicle is evident in his model, and the addition of teal highlights is a fine choice.

Vintage Tron Light Cycle

Joe even created a rider for his Light Cycle, posing confidently with awesome wind-swept hair techniques.

Vintage Tron Light Cycle

Enter the grid with LEGO Ideas 21314 Tron: Legacy [Review]

After weeks of teasing, LEGO finally unveiled the new LEGO Ideas 21314 Tron: Legacy yesterday, and we’re pleased to bring you this early review of the set scheduled for release on March 31. The set includes 230 pieces and three minifigs, featuring two light cycles with blue and orange highlights.

Read our hands-on review of LEGO Ideas 21314 Tron: Legacy

LEGO Ideas 21314 TRON Legacy unveiled, available March 31 [News]

LEGO has officially unveiled the final design for the next LEGO Ideas set, 21314 TRON: Legacy. Designed by Tom and Drew (aka the BrickBros UK), the set includes 230 pieces which make up two Light Cycles and three minifigures. The set will retail for $34.99 USD beginning March 31, 2018.

We’ll have the complete, hands-on review of this new set for you tomorrow, but in the meantime enjoy the new product details and photos.

Click to get a closer look at the new TRON: Legacy set

LEGO Ideas Tron Legacy lightbikes revealed in teaser trailer [News]

LEGO occasionally releases little teaser videos to announce their upcoming sets, and we started this week off with the Harry Potter Fantastic Beasts trailer. Today we’re getting the first look at the new Tron set from LEGO Ideas that we first announced back in November.

Click to watch the teaser video

This is an illegal exit, you must return to the grid!

While we so anxiously wait for the official Ideas release of the Tron Legacy Light Cycle later this year, this might be the next best thing to hold us over. Even though Grantmasters makes this tiny creation with only about 10 elements (not counting the base), the transparent orange and blue ‘jetwall’ makes this classic instantly recognisable. While it may look simple, Grantmasters says that it took over 100 photo shots to get the right lighting and effect he wanted. Talk about dedication to the art!

Lite Cycles

Tron Legacy Light Cycle is the next LEGO Ideas set to go to production! [News]

Tron Legacy Light Cycle in Minifigure scale designed by BrickBros UK is the next LEGO Ideas project to become an official set next year! The announcement was made on the LEGO Ideas Facebook official feed.

The idea was selected from 11 other projects over the period of January and May 2017. A special mention was also made for Surf Rescue, and the folks at LEGO will be working on the special message to share the story behind the set designed by Damien and Aiden MacRae.

Suzuki Junya will be the designer that will be working on bringing this futuristic bike from concept to the production model that’s set to be released in 2018. Word from the excited designer is to stay tuned for the final design and launch date.