Tron Legacy Light Cycle is the next LEGO Ideas set to go to production! [News]

Tron Legacy Light Cycle in Minifigure scale designed by BrickBros UK is the next LEGO Ideas project to become an official set next year! The announcement was made on the LEGO Ideas Facebook official feed.

The idea was selected from 11 other projects over the period of January and May 2017. A special mention was also made for Surf Rescue, and the folks at LEGO will be working on the special message to share the story behind the set designed by Damien and Aiden MacRae.

Suzuki Junya will be the designer that will be working on bringing this futuristic bike from concept to the production model that’s set to be released in 2018. Word from the excited designer is to stay tuned for the final design and launch date.

6 comments on “Tron Legacy Light Cycle is the next LEGO Ideas set to go to production! [News]

  1. World Shard

    So LEGO Ideas is always talking about how they want more original ideas NOT based of of previously-existing IPs, right? Quest Builder, a COMPLETELY original, beautifully designed idea comes along, gets 10,000 in like a week, everyone praises it highly, and what does LEGO do? They turn around and pick a tiny, so-so model based on a previously-existing IP.

    I’m not saying I’m not happy with this, (I love TRON and the light cycles, and I think the builder did a great job capturing the appearance) but I just don’t understand why LEGO says something and then turns around and does the exact opposite of that. If you’re going to encourage people to create original ideas and ask them to put hours and hours of work into a carefully planned design, then we need to be rewarded for it! I think LEGO should at least consider a Quest Builder model.

    Still excited for Voltron though!

  2. Håkan / Wakuran

    Well, they’re running a tight business, and they have no obligations to pass any Ideas proposals at all, if they don’t believe there is money in producing them.

  3. Håkan / Wakuran

    Reasonably tight, anyway, and I think Quest Builder mostly is too big. It would presumably cost 100s of Dollars for a set, while initially only having niche appeal.

    Excluding the game aspect, the build itself also looks reasonably repetetive and boring, and the end result less impressive than a Modular Building.

  4. Purple Dave

    @World Shard:
    They said something about trying to keep at pick at least 50% of them as non-IP sets (not sure where the Saturn V and Women of NASA fall in that). Quest Builder looks very similar to Heroica, which I don’t think performed well enough to justify getting bumped up to minifig scale. It also feels a little too close to Brickquest for my comfort.

    The lightcycle should be popular, and very affordable. I’ve built a few similar designs for Electro Suit Batman and a Joker that I tried to make look as appropriate as possible (guess who’ll be getting an upgrade?), so it’ll be interesting to see what they do for an official set. I believe mine required two The One Rings inside each wheel to add an attachment point for the wheel covers, which were 4x radar dishes with electrical swirl patterns.

  5. Joshua

    I really like this Lego idea. I am a huge Tron:Legacy fan. I love the lightcycles. They are the coolest bikes I’ve ever seen. To put this into Lego form is a Great idea!!!

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