Tripping the light fantastic with this Tron cycle

Hot on the heels of the official duo of cycles from Tron: Legacy, Fictitious Pasta brings us this epic microscale version of the bike from the original Tron film. The simple setting with scattered rocks and a gleaming light streak is perfect for the digital frontier. And in a twist that seems particularly appropriate, this model exists only in digital form, as the scene is an excellent CGI render.

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This model may be tiny, but don’t miss the excellent large-scale version of the same vintage Tron bike we also featured recently.

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  1. Purple Dave

    Typically, when made in white, the model is based off Flynn’s bike from Tron: Legacy. In the original movie, we only ever see them in red/orange/yellow for the heroes, and blue for the enemy. It’s hard to be sure about this model due to the decreased size, but Perez’ model that was featured here recently is a 2nd-gen lightcycle that first appeared in the Tron: Evolution game that came out ten days before Tron: Legacy. It looks very similar to the 1st-gen version from the original movie, but there are noticeable differences such as the large triangle on the side, the shape of windshields on the sides of the canopy, and the teardrop shape formed by the sides of the front wheel being one color (in Tron, the trailing tip is the same color as the chassis).

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