LEGO Ideas 21314 TRON Legacy unveiled, available March 31 [News]

LEGO has officially unveiled the final design for the next LEGO Ideas set, 21314 TRON: Legacy. Designed by Tom and Drew (aka the BrickBros UK), the set includes 230 pieces which make up two Light Cycles and three minifigures. The set will retail for $34.99 USD beginning March 31, 2018.

We’ll have the complete, hands-on review of this new set for you tomorrow, but in the meantime enjoy the new product details and photos.

The set has received a significant upgrade since it was announced as the next LEGO Ideas set in November of last year. In addition to including two more minifigures and an additional Light Cycle in orange, it appears that the entirety of the original Light Cycle has been redesigned to be more sleek.

The redesign, headed by LEGO designer Suzuki Junya, features several new elements and printed parts, but stays true to the concept and feel of the original submission. According to the BrickBros UK, they “went through several models before settling on a design we both liked,” focusing on achieving the correct scale between Light Cycle and minifigure as well as the right color scheme to “reflect the TRON feel.”

Three minifigures are included representing Sam Flynn, Quorra and Rinzler. The back of the box shows new Identity Disc prints with backpack, the two Light Cycles with display base, as well as the three minifigures.

Similar to the original design, the base retains the Light Cycle Grid appearance, using translucent tiles to achieve the computer-like lines and jumpers to attach the two Light Cycles. According to the press release, the base can also be divided into two parts that can be used to either recreate the Light Cycle duel or the disc battle scene.

Sam Flynn’s blue Light Cycle and Rinzler’s orange Light Cycle appear to be identical except for the accent colors, including a clear panel representing power stream effects clipped to the back of each cycle (a much closer representation to the film than the original submission).

Sam Flynn’s minifigure includes a blue Identity Disc, helmet, backpack and detailing closely resembling the Light Suits worn in the film with illuminated blue strips contrasting starkly against the dark body suit.

Quorra’s minifigure includes a similar Light Suit with different printing, backpack, a sword and a second blue Identity Disc.

Rinzler, the primary antagonist in TRON: Legacy during the disc battle and Light Cycle duel portion of the film, gets a Light Suit with orange highlights, a newly printed helmet and two orange-printed Identity Discs (since he was the only program to utilize two at the same time). His backpack appears to be a pin in order to accommodate both discs.

The price of $34.99 USD seems to be slightly high for a 230-piece set, though LEGO has clearly spared no expense producing exceptional minifigures to recreate the look and feel of TRON: Legacy. We expect this set to be quite popular, and will bring you our hands-on review soon.

Full press release and image gallery below.

21314 LEGO® Ideas TRON: Legacy
230 pieces | Available March 31, 2018
US $34.99 – CA $44.99 – DE 34.99€ – FR 34.99€ – UK £29.99 – DK 300DKK

Reimagine Disney’s TRON: Legacy movie scenes with LEGO® bricks!

Build Disney’s TRON: Legacy with this LEGO® Ideas set, featuring 2 Light Cycles, 3 minifigures and a TRON grid/display base to recreate the movie chase scene and Identity Disc battle.

Build, play and display with this futuristic LEGO® Ideas 21314 TRON: Legacy set from Disney, featuring 2 Light Cycles, each with minifigure seats and translucent-colored light-style elements, plus a divisible TRON grid with attachment points for the vehicles. Use the grid as a display base for the Light Cycles or split it in 2 to recreate the chase scene from Disney’s TRON: Legacy movie. Alternatively, stage an Identity Disc battle between the 3 included LEGO minifigures—Sam Flynn, Quorra and Rinzler—on the grid. This construction toy includes a booklet with information about its fan creator and LEGO designers, plus the lowdown on Disney’s TRON: Legacy movie and its main characters.

  • Includes 3 LEGO® minifigures: Sam Flynn, Quorra and Rinzler.
  • Features 2 buildable Light Cycles for Sam Flynn and Rinzler, and a TRON grid/display base.
  • Sam Flynn’s Light Cycle features a minifigure seat, authentic features and assorted translucent-blue light-style elements, including power stream effects.
  • Rinzler’s Light Cycle features a minifigure seat, authentic features and assorted translucent-orange light-style elements, including power stream effects.
  • TRON grid/display base features 2 detachable parts, attachment points for the 2 Light Cycles and translucent-blue elements.
  • Divide the grid to recreate the Light Cycle chase scene from Disney’s TRON: Legacy movie, or use it to role-play the disc battle scene with the minifigures.
  • Includes Quorra’s sword.
  • Accessory elements include Sam Flynn and Quorra’s blue Identity Discs, and Rinzler’s 2 orange Identity Discs. Attached to the back of each minifigure.
  • This construction toy includes a booklet with building instructions, information about the set’s fan creator and LEGO designers, and the lowdown on Disney’s TRON: Legacy movie and its main characters.
  • Each Light Cycle measures over 1″ (5cm) high, 6” (17cm) long and 1” (4cm) wide.
  • TRON grid/display base measures over 8” (22cm) wide and 3” (9cm) deep.

13 comments on “LEGO Ideas 21314 TRON Legacy unveiled, available March 31 [News]

  1. Hull

    I don’t believe those are new molds. The helmet has been used for the Vulture and several Item Man figures, while the backpack neck bracket with Technic pin has been around for years.

  2. Ben Von

    Looks like they know they’ve got a high seller here and priced it accordingly. Usually I’m wary when they start deviating too much from the original submission’s assembly, but I have to agree with all the changes here.

  3. Purple Dave

    Ideas is prohibited from commissioning new molds. So, yeah, that looks like the new one-piece Iron Man helmet, and the pin bracket was first used for Doc Ock.

    The odd thing is that Rinzler needs the pin bracket, but rather than giving Sam and Quorra matching, and much less obtrusive, single-stud neck brackets in black, they both got the newer clear two-stud neck brackets. Fortunately, the single-stud bracket is super common in black, so that’s an easy fix.

  4. Jake RF

    @Ron What? I like the original model, it is a great model, but LEGO’s take has smoother transitions from the wheels to the bike body, the drivers are in a more forward-leaning aerodynamic position like in the movie version, the trans 1×1 round brick for the engines on the sides is a cool detail missing on the fan model, and everything is much more streamlined. The only two knocks I can think to make about the LEGO version is using the dk grey handles and the dk grey modified plate near the back wheel. Those pieces should have been black. I can totally understand that you might prefer the fan model, everyone has their own tastes and preferences, but “much nicer”? I’m not sure how that is justified.

  5. Purple Dave

    I’ve built a Bat-Tron bike similar to the original design. I hated the look of that style of wheel (which just about everyone uses), and the modification I came up with would _never_ clear the Design Department (each wheel uses 2x The One Ring as double anti-studs). The cowling used for the wheels is also a problem if you plan to play with it (as kids are known to do, periodically) as it just will not stay firmly in place. The new wheels look cleaner, the printed dishes look better, and I’d venture that it _might_ even be possible to hide some real wheels inside the brickbuilt ones. The light wall looks like Darth Tantrum’s “laser sword”, where the only problem with the new one is you can’t really make it longer (fortunately I came up with a solution to that a few years ago).

    @Jake RF:
    The minifigs only look like they’re laying down because there’s a roll cage that hides their perfectly vertical legs and gives the illusion that the legs are slanted back. There is a trans-light blue round tile where the new model has a round brick, so that detail is actually there even if it looks wildly different. The dark-bley parts, and the clear two-stud neck brackets, are easy to replace, though I do see a blue Technic pin peeking out from Sam’s bike that will look terrible on Rinzler’s (if it’s an axle-pin, by fortunate not-so-coincidence I have a bunch in black).

  6. James McHie

    @Purple Dave

    Do you think the single stud neck bracket in black for Sam/Quorra will affect how the disc sits/mounts on their back? Any potential issues?

  7. Purple Dave

    @James McHie:
    That’s actually a valid question, and may be why they went with the bulkier double-stud neck brackets. Rinzler’s has a Technic pin, so even if the helmet gets in the way (I don’t actually have one to check with), the pin is 2.5 times the thickness of a tile, and the identity discs would fit loose enough that you could lean the top back just a bit if that’s what it takes to get adequate clearance.

    Sam has spiky hair (a bit too spiky, but I’m not sure there’s anything more accurate) and a no-chinstrap football helmet. Quorra has a bob. I found that Quorra’s hair just barely clears if she’s looking forwards, and she can turn her head about 45° to either side before the sides of the bob start to push into the top edge of the bracket. Sam…is more of an issue. Either hair or helmet prevents the disc from sitting flat on the bracket unless you rotate the disc 45° so one of the stud slots is right at the top. Alternately, you could also rotate it and attach the neck stud to the edge of the disc instead of the center, but either way the print will be angled. Regardless, any of these minifigs should be switched to just a black single-stud neck bracket when displayed with the identity disc(s) in hand or being thrown.

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