LEGO Ideas Tron Legacy lightbikes revealed in teaser trailer [News]

LEGO occasionally releases little teaser videos to announce their upcoming sets, and we started this week off with the Harry Potter Fantastic Beasts trailer. Today we’re getting the first look at the new Tron set from LEGO Ideas that we first announced back in November.

Let’s take a closer look at this very brief 5-second teaser video.

We can see a minifigure in a cool black suit with blue highlights. We presume this is Sam, with a disc strapped to his back.

This is a pretty cool scene, showing Sam jumping into the air while the light bike comes alive. Sadly, we suspect this feature won’t be available in the set.

At last, we get a first look LEGO’s interpretation of Sam’s blue bike. The only look at Clu’s bike we get is an orange blur as it speeds past, and then a tiny glimpse of it racing away.

Finally, Sam catches up with Clu and speeds off into the distance of the grid.

Let us know what you think!

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  1. Johnny Johnson

    Yes please! I wonder if the light trail will be incorporated at all (Perhaps optionally?).

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