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Nothing’s hipper than see-thru slippers

Thomas W had planned a different build for his contribution to a fairy tale collaboration but had to shift gears at the last minute. The result is a happy ending worthy of a fairy tale. This vignette, with its impressive tomes and frog-occupied wishing well, sets the imagination racing with all kinds of storybook adventures. But the real work of art is that glass slipper. There’s a limited number of bricks available in the trans-clear color, but Thomas transformed them into something special anyway, as easy as turning a frog into a prince.

Once Upon A Time

Sail through the skies with some cyber wings

Taking off at the nearest cyberpunk runway is this lovely LEGO plane from Sylon_tw. The build blends the cyberpunk theme with the classic aviation look to get this tight little flyer. You have the more classic aviation look from the 1930s and 1940s in the overall shaping and especially the blue in the front. The rest of it is definitely cyberpunk in theme! I do love the exposed wings to see all those details, and those wingtips remind me of starfighters. This thing looks like it can really move, pulling all kinds of stunts as it flies around. This is some great styling, and I hope to see more in the future.

[cybersky] Tomtit - main

Check out some of the details on this slick jet below, including shots of the cockpit and landing gear.

[cybersky] Tomtit - details

The future of the Forestmen

I think LEGO should consider bringing the Forestmen theme back (and castle in general, for that matter). Look at this creation by Sylon_tw. It features the classic light grey, black, and blue colour scheme but it is brought up to date. The blue is combined with dark blue to make it look less primary colorish and lend a mottled look. The grey walls feature texture to achieve an overall worn-down look. And the black is just a little bit less dominant than it was in the original theme. There is lush foliage everywhere and cute little forest critters hiding in it. Best thing about this whole castle creation? It is not conflict driven. At least if you presume the archer is just practising for athletic reasons.

forestmen hideout

An ode to the LEGO Aquazone theme that’s sub-stantial!

When first laying eyes on this gorgeous LEGO build by Sylon_tw, I couldn’t help but let out a Charlie Brown catchphrase. I mean, good g-reef! The variation in styles, heights, and colors amongst the coral break up the bed and keep the landscape dynamic. There’s some terrific part usage here, whether it’s brushes and technic pins for tubular sponge, or force lightning pieces for jellyfish tentacles. The submarine itself has some excellent shaping, providing a less-angular take on the Aquanauts sets of old. And I especially like the motion given to the build by the twirling bubbles coming off the sub’s dual propellers.

Aquanauts revisited

Keep building and nobody explodes

I don’t mean to alarm anyone, but this dynamite LEGO creation by Sylon_tw is the bomb! I’m in love with the simplicity of this build, the biggest part of which is simply three tubes of round red bricks. But the “wiring” wrapping them, the precarious connections comprising the pair of snips, and one of the best uses of a LEGO branded watch that I’ve ever seen take this thing to a whole new level! I can’t help but hear the Mission: Impossible theme as I stare at it. And I’m still trying to decide if I should cut the yellow wire or the pink one.

time's up - Time - RogueOlympics 2022 round 8