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The city on a floating rock that’s off the chain!

We here at TBB generally try not to cover LEGO builds that are still works-in-progress. But that can be hard when the WIP pictures look as good as this one taken by First Order Lego back in May. As we round the corner into August, we’re at last able to see FOL’s build in its entirety. And Rory can finally figure out what those chains are connected to: a big honkin’ sky rock!

“Floating city of Lanac”

More on this city in the sky below.

Skypunk 2021

It’s probably safe to say that terms like steampunk and cyberpunk have entered into the common lexicon. Complex worlds, either created around clockwork and steam power or technologically permeated societies, have become pretty popular amongst mainstream society. But what about dieselpunk? Or its partner, skypunk? Thankfully, the nature of the monikers is to get the idea across pretty quickly. Personally, skypunk is one of my favorite concepts. Worlds full of floating fortresses, sky battles in agile, obscure fighter planes, or common people shlepping about on islands in the sky. Today, I want to take a look at the latest skyracer model by builder Sylon-tw.

Skyracer part 2

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