A quaint LEGO village in the clouds

It takes a hearty fellow to live so high up among the clouds with so few safety railings, but this idyllic scene by Roanoke Handybuck and Carter Witz makes me feel just a bit braver than normal. Each structure in this village in the clouds has a unique shape, and some include just a touch of weather-worn details. The slender supports and stacked dwellings give the scene a charming, if not slightly precarious feeling. But the citizens certainly don’t seem to mind.

Cloud Life

2 comments on “A quaint LEGO village in the clouds

  1. kjdabate

    That’s really cool, I don’t recognise the piece in the centre of the “8,” it seems pretty useful. Some nice SNOT techniques through the whole build

  2. hntrains

    Imagine living there! It’s always cold, and it’s also lonely.
    But, if you like merciless light and dull, unaggressive colours, this could be the village of your dreams.
    The review is as brief as it should be; kudos on that!

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