The city on a floating rock that’s off the chain!

We here at TBB generally try not to cover LEGO builds that are still works-in-progress. But that can be hard when the WIP pictures look as good as this one taken by First Order Lego back in May. As we round the corner into August, we’re at last able to see FOL’s build in its entirety. And Rory can finally figure out what those chains are connected to: a big honkin’ sky rock!

“Floating city of Lanac”

On top of this floating crag, we find the gloriously-detailed city of Lanac. All the tan boxes with orange and yellow roofs present a bustling, yet ancient, metropolis. The colors and shapes of the buildings feel Roman, all laying atop a mat of organics springing up from the upper surface of the boulder. It’s the effortless union of these three different build styles (man-made, biological, and stonework) that is the great triumph of this build. The story told by this convergence gives insight into the denizens of this floating city. And it raises questions like how did they wind up on the sky island? What keeps it aloft? And how do those cute skyships work?

A city of legend

I’ll conclude with my favorite picture of the build, taken from roughly the same place as that initial WIP shot months ago. I think that it’s from this angle that the scale of this tremendous, gravity-defying metropolis is best appreciated. And it showcases the LEGO mastery, both large and small, exhibited in this stunning creation!

Bound by chains

3 comments on “The city on a floating rock that’s off the chain!

  1. Jimmy

    Absolutely lovely and evocative. I want a whole book series based on this world, it really sets the imagination going!

  2. Chris

    Jimmy you’ll be pleased to know that there is one – this is clearly inspired by the floating city of Sanctaphrax which is central to a lot of the Edge Chronicles books. It’s an amazingly imaginative world, with beautiful illustrations throughout the books.

  3. Jaze

    This is amazing! Finally, a MOC (at least somewhat) inspired by the Edge Chronicles!

    P.S. Jimmy you DEFINITELY should read them.

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